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Bush, Burton Morgan and Lenz in 2004. Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
One Tree Hill stars Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton said they were forced to pose for Maxim.
On the Drama Queens podcast, they alleged that the show's creator, Mark Schwahn, threatened their jobs.
Bethany Joy Lenz added that she wasn't asked to take part in the shoot because she was "too fat."
'One Tree Hill' stars Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz have shared the true story behind the series' memorable Maxim cover shoot.
Burton and Bush claimed they initially turned down the offer, but said the show's creator Mark Schwahn - whom they accused of sexual harassment in 2017 - threatened their jobs if they didn't attend, while Lenz was not asked to attend.
On the Monday episode of their iHeartRadio Rewatch podcast, Drama Queens, the actors dove into a Season 4 episode in which Rachel Gatina (Danneel Ackles) created the cover of Maxim's "Hometown," thanks to photos taken by Brooke Davis (Bush). Hotties” issue lands hers.
Life mimicked art, because not long after the episode aired in 2006, Bush, Ackles, and Burton appeared together on the cover of an actual Maxim issue, but it turns out the actors weren't too keen on participating .
Bush explained that she initially wanted to skip the men's magazine photoshoot because her character, who was supposed to be 16 on the show, was already overly "sexualized."
"I was like, 'Look, if the girls want to do it, that's great. I don't. I went into battle to make Brooke less of this thing you guys were trying to force me to do. I don't want to do it,'" she said.
Bush continued, "I was literally told, 'If you don't shoot this cover with your co-stars, we guarantee you'll never be let out for a press day, movie, event, or any of your charities. We will keep you here forever.'"
One Tree Hill ran for nine seasons between 2003 and 2012. The CW
Bush's costar Burton, who portrayed Peyton Sawyer in the teen drama, claimed Schwahn specifically told her not to "turn up her nose" at the offer, since no other magazine would feature her.
"It was very much like, 'No one else wants you, the studio wants to cancel your show,'" she said. "'You don't start attracting attention and attracting these male numbers, we're dead, and all your friends are going to lose their jobs.'"
Lenz left her cohosts shocked when she shared she was told she was "too fat" to be on the magazine cover. The actor who played Haley James Scott on The WB/The CW has said she was traded for Ackles.
"They told me they didn't come to me because I was too fat," she said. "I wasn't a 'hot girl' on the show anymore."
Bush and Burton said they were lied to and led to believe Lenz refused to participate in the cover shoot.
"When I said I didn't want to do that, I was like, 'But Joy won't do it! She said no. Why is she allowed to say no?' They're like, 'Well, she said no, so you have to say yes. She said no at first,'" Bush explained.
"They made you a scapegoat to tell the three of us that we couldn't say no. We weren't mad at you, but we were mad about it."
The women were three of many former female cast and crew members who detailed how they were "mentally and emotionally" abused by the series' creator in an open letter published by Variety more than five years ago. Schwahn never responded to the allegations.
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