Sophie Turner's Reaction to Hearing Taylor Swift Drag Joe Jonas on "Mr. Perfectly Fine" Is Priceless

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From Cosmopolitan
It's a beautiful day, didn't you hear? Swifties have been blessed with yet another title from Taylor Swift, queen of the music industry. Tay has burned the charts since dropping never-before-heard gems from Fearless (Taylor's version), but none of the tracks released has made the internet LOL like today's offering: "Mr. Perfectly Fine ”, because Sophie Turner lives from the way the song shadows her husband Joe Jonas.
Much like Taylor's earlier Fearless offering, "You All Over Me," fans began to speculate that the "Mr. Perfectly Fine" lyrics were about Joe. Taylor and Joe broke up in 2008 when Fearless was recorded, and some of them Lyrics are very exciting! I mean, the choir says literally, "Hello Sir" Perfectly okay "/ How is your heart after you broke my heart? / Mr. "Always in the right place at the right time", baby / hello sir "casual cruel" / sir. "Everything revolves around you" / I've been Miss "Misery" since you left / And you're Mr. "Perfectly okay". "(The songs all exist in the same universe - I don't make the rules, sorry.)
Taylor's latest roast is perfectly fine though, as Sophie appears to be a fan! In her Instagram stories, Sophie shared a screenshot of her hearing the title and wrote, "It's not a bop."
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Taylor actually posted Sophie's reaction to her Instagram stories, adding, "Bend your knee forever for you? in the north. "
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Joe, our man of the hour, seemed completely untouched by the internet talking about him - on his Instagram he let everyone in his stories know that he didn't care by posting a picture ... of a can of beer .
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In the meantime, the internet just couldn't cool off with the jokes.
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