Sorry, The Amy Poehler Look-Alike Stripper Who Squirted Vaginal Fluid At Cops Is Fake

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On Wednesday, Twitter users were surprised that the name of comedian and "Parks and Recreation" star Amy Poehler was trending.
Twitter's statement to users - "People point out the resemblance of an arrested Florida woman to comedian Amy Poehler" - implied that the story that made Poehler's name trending was real.
Twitter's explanation for Poehler's name trend read: "People point to the similarity an arrested Florida woman has to comedian Amy Poehler." (Photo: Screenshot via Twitter)
But the message, which was accompanied by a mug shot of the Pohler doppelganger, seemed to have a few holes:
"Miami Stripper was arrested for injecting vaginal fluids on police officers in self-defense," it said.
Free her
- skáld (@HoratioSkald) April 6, 2021
The story associated with the mug shot is actually a fake, according to Snopes.
It was written by the World News Daily Report, a satirical website. However, the mug shot shows an actual woman arrested in Houston in 2008. In real life, she was not accused of any of the acts described in the WNDR story.
WNDR also makes no secret of the fact that its stories are about as real as the town of Pawnee, Indiana.
A slogan under the website's logo reads: "Where facts don't matter." The website also has many disclaimers that the content is a joke. Other news posted on the site on Wednesday included "Woman falls pregnant after intercourse with a used male sex doll she ordered on eBay" and "Woman is suing Samsung for $ 1.8 million after putting the cell phone in." got stuck in her vagina ".
Basically, the website is very interested in fake news related to the female anatomy. Even the Poehler's story contained a rather wild description of the Florida woman's use of her subregions.
"A Florida lap dancer was arrested in Miami after attacking five police officers with her vagina and using it as a lethal weapon with no intention of killing," the article begins.
Even though the story is completely made up, people on Twitter still had a lot of fun understanding the whole situation. To read some of these fun answers, just scroll down.
Amy Poehler signs up on Twitter this morning:
- Lisa Puy (@Lisa_Puy) April 7, 2021
Me: Oh god, why is Amy Poehler trending?
when I find out why:
-. (@marchmourns) April 7, 2021
I'm finding out why Amy Poehler is trending
- Anson Ling (@ ns0n) April 7, 2021
Me after seeing what trending Amy Poehler for
- Care (@CarysMullins) April 7, 2021
Amy Poehler's publicist and the Snl authors' room
- elle (@amy_poehIer) April 7, 2021
Snl writers' room finds out how to get Amy Poehler to NYC for Saturday.
- @ ☆ (@SITCOMMILFS) April 7, 2021
Amy Poehler warned us
- Audrey? (@ studio8h) April 7, 2021
If you think the past year has been difficult for you, think about what was done to Amy Poehler.
- David Burge (@iowahawkblog) April 7, 2021
Ron Swanson after discovering why Leslie Knope is like Amy Poehler.
- Richard Jeter (@ MilesToGo13) April 7, 2021
Amy Poehler's Oscar winning achievement
- Mr Brezeln (@mrzenitram) April 7, 2021
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