Sour Patch Kids saves Halloween by giving away toilet paper. We’ll explain.

Jack O'lantern Bucket with Sour Patch Kids sweets and a roll of Sour Patch toilet paper

Yes, this is the official Sour Patch Kids TP. (Maybe it's BOO-ply toilet paper?)
One strange by-product of a global pandemic is that it really inspired the creativity of American marketing firms. Some of the promotions we've seen this year could only be launched at a time when literally nothing else was happening. On what other occasion would Natty Light have to install a dormitory in your backyard or take you to nowhere on a party jet? When else in history would Popeyes want us to set up Netflix accounts? Brands have been pulling flashy stunts left and right in hopes that in times of uncertainty, consumers could still rave a little. And that's why Sour Patch Kids publishes Sour Patch Kids toilet paper. Let's explain.
According to a press release, the kids - the mischievous little guys depicted on the bag - want to save Halloween from becoming another tradition that was canceled due to COVID-19. So you're coordinating a huge reverse trick-or-treat experience and delivering candy care packages to residents in 12 US cities so kids can enjoy Halloween without leaving home. The care packages not only contain Sour Patch Zombies, but also rolls of Sour Patch Kids toilet paper, “because nothing screams Halloween like tinging your living room and causing safe Halloween chaos indoors.” As I said: mischievous!
"In a happy city, the children roll through the neighborhoods in a larger than life Jack-o-Lantern cell phone, which is shaped like the classic candy bucket," the press release said. "The kids get out of their unique candy trolley in person and bring Halloween tricks and treats right to the families' front doors. In this way, deliveries are made contact-free while all appropriate security measures are observed."
If, like me, you're curious about how on earth a driver could maneuver that candy bucket cart down a city street, you can ask the kids to come to your area by commenting on the Instagram post above. The winning city will be selected later this month. So far, many commentators appear to have been coordinated to bring the giant jack-o'-lantern to Ann Arbor, Michigan. But even if you lose the candy cart, 11 other cities are getting care kits - meaning Sour Patch Kids toilet paper is within your reach. Don't let us down.

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