Source: Aaron Rodgers wants a new contract

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers sent a post-game message to the team with his post-game comments after losing to the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship on Sunday. The message probably had multiple tentacles.
Here is one. According to a league source, Rodgers wants a new contract.
Rodgers is said to want a new contract. He makes $ 33.5 million annually. He will win the 2020 NFL MVP Award. And he's going into the later years of his last deal, which will pay him significantly less compared to other quarterbacks.
He is expected to make $ 22.35 million in 2021, $ 25.5 million in 2022, and $ 25.5 million in 2023.
Rodgers currently ranks fifth in average new money, behind quarterback Patrick Mahomes ($ 45 million), Texas quarterback Deshaun Watson ($ 39 million), Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson ($ 35 million) and Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlhlberger ($ 34 million).
Rodgers makes the same amount as Ram's quarterback Jared Goff. Which means Rodgers is grossly underpaid, Goff is grossly overpaid, or both. (Both.)
Rodgers has a cap of over $ 37 million for 2021, but a new contract could easily reduce it. A new deal would also reflect the team's commitment to Rodgers over the next several years, based on the guaranteed payments and the cap consequences of cutting or trading him.
When Rodgers officially asks about a new contract, he'll definitely get one thing: clarity about where it stands. A new deal means renewed vows. No new deal means the watch is still heading for a possible, if not inevitable, divorce.
While Rodgers may want more (especially in terms of team improvement efforts), one thing he wants - and deserves - is a new contract.
Source: Aaron Rodgers wants a new contract to appear originally on Pro Football Talk.
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