South Carolina Senate Candidate Suggests Amy Coney Barrett Would Roll Back Civil Rights: ‘I Don’t Look Good in Chains’

South Carolina Senate candidate Jaime Harrison asked Wednesday if Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barrett was "turning back human civil rights" and said, "I don't look good in chains so I won't come back to it."
The comments came during a Post and Courier Pints ​​and Politics event in Columbia, South Carolina where Harrison, a Democrat challenging three-time Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham, was discussing whether to vote for Barrett's endorsement in the Supreme Court would.
"I would like to have the opportunity to ask her some questions," he said. "Are you going to turn back people's civil rights?"
"We have to approach the standard that all people in this country are created and treated equally," he continued. “What if the way you interpret the law is to fall back on the civil rights that people have acquired? Then I cannot support that. "

He said he did not support adding nine-seat seats to the Supreme Court, a move some Democrats supported in retaliation for Republicans' decision to push Barrett's nomination so close to the November 3 election.
"There are ramifications to what you do if you open Pandora's box," he said. "And lest I want to change Filibuster, I don't think we should change the Supreme Court at this point. And that's why I don't want to open Pandora's box."
He qualified this position by saying, “And when people start saying that Plessy needs to be re-legislated against Ferguson, let me tell you that as a black man who grew up in the south, I am not going to allow that happened ”, referring to the landmark decision of the Supreme Court, according to which racial segregation according to separate but equal doctrine is constitutional.
"Right? Let's get that straight. I don't look good in chains so I won't come back to that," he added.
Though Harrison added that he doesn't think we'll ever come back to that.
The Cook Political Report, a non-partisan election analysis and forecasting firm, postponed the race in the South Carolina Senate on Wednesday from a "lean Republican" to a "throw," a series of polls have shown that Graham and Harrison are a tie. The tightening of the race just weeks before the election is a marked change from earlier this year when the South Carolina Senator had a double-digit lead.
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