SpaceX Crew-1 mission broke a spacecraft longevity record

The SpaceX Crew 1 mission has safely returned to Earth - breaking a record in the process. NASA has confirmed that Crew-1 has broken a record for the longest mission time for an American spacecraft and crew. The Crew Dragon Resilience capsule lasted 168 days in orbit before landing off the Florida coast at 2:56 p.m. Eastern. The previous best was reset in February 1974 when the last Skylab crew spent a little over 84 days on their mission.
NASA reiterated that this was also the first nocturnal splash for a US-crewed spacecraft since the Apollo 8 ocean touchdown in December 1968.
Success is not entirely unexpected when the Crew 1 team was scheduled to conduct experiments, space walks, and other activities aboard the International Space Station for about six months. The recently docked Crew-2 should last about that long. Still, the completed mission is an important milestone. It shows how much space travel has evolved in half a century, and shows that private spaceships can handle some of the more challenging tasks of occupation travel.
Splashdown of Dragon Confirmed - Welcome Back to Earth, @AstroVicGlover, @Astro_illini, Shannon Walker and @Astro_Soichi!
- SpaceX (@SpaceX) May 2, 2021

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