'Spider-Man: Miles Morales' Confirmed To Be Standalone Title

Spider-Man: Miles Morales appears to be released alongside Sony Interactive Entertainment's (NYSE: SNE) PlayStation 5, but there has been some confusion about the next generation title. Is it a full sequel or additional downloadable content that complements "Spider-Man" from the PS4?
Insomniac Games went to Twitter to clarify that the title is a "standalone game" that offers a sequel to PS4's "Spider-Man". However, it is smaller than the original. Reports compare the title to "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy".
The confusion surrounding the game came from comments made by Simon Rutter, EPP Director European Business at Sony, in an interview with The Telegraph: "I think you could call it an expansion and improvement of the previous game. There is an essential Miles Morales Component - This is the expansion element - but the game and game engine have also been significantly improved within the game, obviously using some of the key technologies and features of PlayStation 5. "
"Spider-Man: Miles Morales" starts the Christmas season 2020.
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