Spoilers! Why 'Wonder Woman 1984' is now and forever officially a Christmas movie

Spoiler alert! The following explains key revelations and how Wonder Woman 1984 ended. So be careful if you haven't seen it before.
Move to Die Hard. You have a new heroic society in the Christmas movie canon.
In the superhero sequel Wonder Woman 1984 (in theaters and streaming on HBO Max), Gal Gadot starred as he saved the world from magically transforming itself into a nuclear Armageddon. After the big climax, an epilogue during the vacation found the heroine Diana Prince, enjoyed a winter wonderland of falling snow, played children and peace and at the same time was able to get on with her life.
The Christmas code was a family affair for Gadot and director Patty Jenkins: Jenkins 12-year-old son Asa appeared on the scene, as did Gadot's husband Jaron Varsano and their two daughters Alma (9) and Maya (3).
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Family members of director Patty Jenkins (left) and star Gal Gadot appear in the final scene of "Wonder Woman 1984".
Gadot and Jenkins' families are "very, very close," says actress USA TODAY. "They're always on set and they come and go and they make dinner and we do dinner. It's fun. It's like being in a church.
"And it just felt right to have them there for us, to appreciate them and everything they sacrificed and everything they do so that we can make films for so long."
The seasonal setting feels right for the Christmas Day release. Jenkins admits, however, that she almost changed it: the sequel to "Wonder Woman" was originally due to be released on December 13, 2019. However, when Jenkins found out it had been postponed to June 5, 2020 (which would change again due to COVID), the director had an extra week of filming to do and tried to rework it as a warm weather scene.
"We were in London at the time and it would look too wrong to try and recreate Washington, DC this summer," says Jenkins. "And so I decided not to stick with the scene we had."
While the ending of "1984" offers no major revelations or connections to past or future DC superhero films, the epilogue closes a chapter on Wonder Woman's love life. In the film, she accidentally wants to bring back her lost love to Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who has the body of a Washington guy (Kristoffer Polaha, known as the "Handsome Man"). When Wonder Woman realizes that Steve has got her back in her life and is robbing her of her superpowers - what she needs to thwart the magical machinations of the evil businessman Max Lord - she says goodbye, undoes her wish and runs into one in emotional anger Down street in Washington.
The romance between Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) is rekindled in "Wonder Woman 1984" at least for a short time.
"It's brutal, but it's also very effective when she has to run away because she doesn't even want to think about it," Jenkins explains. “What I love is that it's a metaphor, not just for the loss and loss of people, but also for the end of relationships, when you realize that you have to go forward and not just sit and look for that what didn't work. ”
In the Christmas scene, Diana meets the man Steve owned and they have a pleasant conversation in which she points out his snappy, scarf-centered outfit, a recall to an earlier scene in which Steve didn't want to wear the exact same clothes, because he felt like he was going to look like a "pirate".
Does that mean Diana will be asking the new man out on a date soon? "I don't think just because it would be too strange that it was the same guy," says Jenkins. “But I think it shows that she is open. She will move on in her life and meet other people. "
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