SpongeBob Squarepants Just Came Out of the Closet

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In news that may not come as a surprise to many, Nickelodeon apparently announced that the popular children's television character SpongeBob Squarepants is a proud member of the LGBTQ + community.
The network marked the Pride Month with a post on Twitter that said "This month and every month #Pride is celebrated with the LGBTQ + community and its allies," accompanied by works of art by SpongeBob, Schwoz Schwartz by Henry Danger and Korra from Avatar: The legend of Korra, all in rainbow colors.
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Korra is canonically strange in the world of Avatar after starting an explicitly romantic on-screen relationship with her best friend Asami Sato. However, it is unclear whether Nickelodeon referred to the "community" or "allies" in these pictures of Schwoz and SpongeBob - but the Internet has already decided that S.B. after 20 years of iconic storage behavior is finally officially out of the closet.

@ Nickelodeon
Celebrate #Pride with the LGBTQ + community and their allies this month and every month ⁣
(: from @ramzymasri)
1:22 p.m. - June 13, 2020
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SpongeBob Squarepants aired in 1999 and is known for its mix of surrealism and slapstick humor. Some moments from the show's earlier seasons have reappeared and been immortalized as memes in recent years, including one in which SpongeBob and his best friend (or friend?) Patrick are both seen with flabby wrists, which is what this unveiling of Nickelodeon anticipates.
LGBTQ + representation in children's media is still rare, mainly due to setbacks by studios and parents who equate visible gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual characters with the "sexualization" of children. That is starting to change. Just last month, Pixar released a short film about Disney + with a gay protagonist. Out followed his trip to come to his parents and introduce them to his friend. And later this year, Marvel Studios will debut the first openly gay superhero in the MCU - and his husband.
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