Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back gets cinema re-release and incredible new posters to mark 40th anniversary

Yes, we are getting old. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back turned 40 last month. For the milestone anniversary, there is a re-release of the 4K cinema and some fantastic posters that decorate one of the four walls you've stared at in the past few months. Wallets ready ...
To lure the public back into British cinemas, Vue Empire will show Strikes Back when the cinemas reopen, probably in early July. Variety also reports that Disney is buying some of its classics to boost consumer confidence before Mulan and Tenet hit the market later this month.
To further seduce audiences, Empire Strikes Back will be the razor-sharp 4K version that was previously only available to those with a Disney Plus subscription or physically on Blu-ray. Especially for those of you who haven't seen the 4K version of Empire Strikes Back, you immediately notice that the colors are far more naturalistic and less smeared, while the overall image quality is cleaner and clearer than ever in the four decades before. It's probably the final way to watch the best Star Wars movie whisper.
The posters by Matt Ferguson, who also designed the front page of the latest edition of the sister audience SFX, show a similarly high-quality development of a classic (H / T Collider). In this case, the top floor posters have disappeared. In their place are these 40th anniversary posters featuring Darth Vader and flanked by the empire's advanced weapons.
You can even buy them now - while stocks last. They start at $ 65 at the Bottleneck Gallery. For more information on Star Wars, see our articles at:
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