Steamy Summer Love and Sex Horoscopes For Every Zodiac Sign

There's something particularly magical about summer that lends itself to heightened desires, more vivid fantasies, and non-stop romance. The long days of muggy sunshine and warm, starry nights certainly don't hurt, but thanks to the season's astrological hosts, you can also say thank you: sentimental water sign Cancer, driven fire sign Leo, and thoughtful earth sign Virgo. Each season of these sun signs sets a tone that is undoubtedly conducive to fireworks. But that's far from the whole story.
Here's what astrology says awaits you in terms of sexy adventures and summer love. Read on for the astrological highlights of the season, as well as the summer sex and love horoscope for your zodiac sign.
Love and Sex Astrology Highlights of Summer 2022
As the Sun reliably transits these three signs each summer, encounters between the planets change from year to year, and 2022 has some particularly hot highlights for everyone to look forward to:
June 28: On the same day as a new moon in nurturing Cancer, romantic Venus in Gemini forms a sweet sextile to lucky planet Jupiter in Aries. This sets an upbeat, social, and sexy tone that's perfect for hitting up a new flame or spending some unforgettable time between the sheets.
July 12 (PT) - July 13 (ET): The planet of love, Venus, in curious Gemini forms a harmonizing trine to serious Saturn in forward-looking Aquarius, encouraging serious heart-to-heart bonding and devotion.
July 31: The Sun in charismatic Leo forms a sweet trine to abundance-bringing Jupiter in dynamic Aries, boosting confidence, happiness and possibly passion.
August 7: Romantic Venus in Cancer forms a beautiful trine with Neptune, the planet of dreams, in Pisces. This will enhance your imagination as well as your ability to put on rose-colored glasses and get carried away by a whimsical fantasy.
Aug 18: Venus moving through confident Leo will form a sweet trine with Jupiter in playful Aries, making for one of the happiest and hottest days of the year for love.
September 16: Venus in detail-oriented Virgo meets Mars in scattered Gemini, which can explode an already stressful romantic situation – but it can also lend itself to wild, beautifully explosive sex in more harmonious relationships.
Sept 19 (PT) - Sept 20 (ET): Sweet, relationship-dominating Venus in Virgo forms a happy trine with revolutionary, rebellious Uranus in Taurus, leading to surprises, breakthroughs and a desire to break through convention in love to deliver.
Summer 2022 love and sex horoscopes for each zodiac sign
Here's what each character can expect during these hottest days - in more ways than one! - Months. (Also read the summer sex and love horoscope for your rising zodiac sign.)
Aries (March 20 – April 19)
With lucky Jupiter moving through your sign for the summer, you'll have extra momentum to accomplish anything you've wished for. July 31st is an especially exciting day, thanks to the Sun in your 5th house of romance forming a harmonious trine with Jupiter, enhancing your ability to express - and achieve - exactly what you want out of any situation or serious relationship .
And on August 18, romantic Venus in your 5th house syncs with Jupiter. This is one of the happiest astrological transits in general, and because it reaches your love zone, it's one of your most auspicious moments of the year to appear as your most beautiful, sparkling, dynamic self - as well as to attract and connect with someone who your world will rock
Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Spending time with friends this summer could lead to a dreamy, romantic opportunity, especially on August 7 when romantic Venus in your 3rd house of communication forms a sweet trine with spiritual Neptune in your 11th house of friendship. Letting go of the practical and talking about your daydreams and desires should unleash your imagination and possibly inspire you to start a whole new chapter in your love life.
And while you're a creature of habit, you can on September 19-20, when the planet of love (and its ruler), Venus, in your 5th house of romance in your sign, forms a sweet trine with rebellious Uranus. This moment could give way to a revealing breakthrough about what you want out of a current or future relationship. Or you might even get a little more creative when it comes to how you fulfill your desires in the bedroom.
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Lucky twins. Venus, the planet of love, moves through your sign from June 22nd to July 17th, enhancing your charisma and charm. And on June 28, the day of the new moon, Venus in your 11th house of long-term desires forms a beautiful sextile with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and abundance. You probably have a choice of parties, trysts, or edgy, fun moments with an SO, so do your best to be very clear about what you want to do to make the most of the moment.
And on July 13, Venus in your sign in your 9th house of adventure forms a harmonizing trine with commitment-loving Saturn. You might be ready to have an important conversation with someone special, to possibly plan your first long-distance trip together - or take another exciting leap of faith as a couple.
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
From June 21st to July 22nd you not only enjoy your sun sign season, Venus, the planet of love, is also in your sign from July 17th to August 11th and strengthens your inner and outer radiance. Whatever you want from your sex and love life should feel like it's within your grasp over the course of these few weeks.
And on August 7, in your 9th house of adventure, Venus will form a sweet trine with spiritual Neptune, encouraging you to let go of a prescribed game plan and see where your intuition leads. You could throw caution to the wind and end up meeting someone who overwhelms you, or have an incredibly romantic experience with your SO. This moment is all about letting your heart lead the way - something you won't have any problem with at all.
Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Your ruler, the Sun, is boosting your already abundant confidence as it moves through your sign from July 22nd to August 22nd, and then Venus will be there from August 11th to September 4th. During this time you will be even-tempered, more charismatic than usual and aware of your image, which might make you think about the love story you are pursuing - and wanting to project.
And on August 18, Venus in your sign forms a harmonious trine with lucky Jupiter in your 9th house of adventure and higher learning, inspiring you to step out of your comfort zone in favor of your romantic ideals. If you're single, it might be time to swipe someone who isn't your usual type, or jet off on a revenge trip where you might meet someone who can actually teach you a thing or two. If you're clingy, prioritizing mind-broadening experiences with your partner — inside and outside of the bedroom — can be a game changer.
Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
While you may not intentionally seek the spotlight—since you're likely focused on minding your daily routine and serving others—your sun sign season can't help but make you embrace Jennifer Lopez-level glamor vibes to radiate All eyes may be on you, Virgo, especially September 5-29, when Venus moves through your sign, increasing your charm and focus on beauty and pleasure.
On September 18-19, Venus in your sign will make a sweet trine with shocking Uranus in your 9th house of adventure that could inspire you to try something out of the ordinary in the best way possible. You could get up for the usual date night, meet someone from out of town, or decide to take a road trip to a sexy vacation spot that you and your SO have always wanted to visit but never got the chance to. Letting go of all the details and seeing where the moment takes you could be as exciting as it is deeply fulfilling.
Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)
Leo season - and the Sun's journey through your 11th house of friendship from July 22nd to August 22nd - is probably your favorite part of the whole summer, Libra. That's thanks in part to the fact that you feel like you're living in "The Great Gatsby," with the sheer number of parties and social gatherings filling your calendar. But one-on-one relationships are also emphasized—especially on July 31, when the confident Sun in your 7th house of partnership forms a cheerful trine with lucky Jupiter. This meeting can lead to wealth and abundance in an existing relationship—or perhaps one about to become official.
On August 18, Venus in your 11th house of friendship will also align with Jupiter in your 7th house of partnership, so whatever sexy connection you've made - possibly through friends - or that new chapter you're starting with your partner have could become even more exhilarating and satisfying.
Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
On June 28th - the day of the new moon - romantic Venus moves through your 8th house of sexual intimacy and forms a positive sextile to the lucky planet Jupiter in your 6th house of well-being. You might find that when you express your sexual desires and have a more regular habit of tending to your needs in the bedroom, you feel more centered, calmer, and connected to yourself and whoever you share breathtakingly hot moments with.
August 7th is another super sexy highlight of summer for you, Scorpio, as lust-bringing Venus will be in your 9th house of adventure, forming a sweet trine with dreamy Neptune in your 5th house of romance. You will crave the opportunity to play in the deep end of spirituality, emotion and imagination - possibly diving into a creative project or simply taking steps to fulfill a long held fantasy with someone who makes your heart skip a beat.
Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)
During Leo season - July 22 through August 22 - the Sun moves through your 9th house of adventure, which conforms to the house Sagittarius rules, making this a particularly stimulating time of year for you. When the sun is big, bold and bright and the days are long and full of opportunity, you are ready to fly in so many ways, including in your love life. As Venus moves through the same zone from August 11th to September 4th, you can't help but be inundated with opportunities to grow, learn and step out of your comfort zone - especially next to a new match or long-term love .
On August 18, in your 5th house of romance, Venus forms a harmonizing trine with Jupiter, which spurs abundance, increasing the intensity of your fantasies, flirtation and daydreams. You're pretty much always willing to take a chance on whatever your heart desires, but now you're fired up through and through — and you have every reason to believe your wildly romantic hopes will work out exactly how you envisioned to have.
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)
Cancer season (June 21 - July 22) always puts the spotlight (or should we say sunlight?) on your 7th house of partnership, while Leo season (July 22 - August 22) puts your focus on your emotional attachments directs. But this year you'll want to shake things up for the romance and excitement. On August 7, sweet Venus in your 7th house of partnership forms a lucky trine with dreamy Neptune in your 3rd house of communication and you might be more ready than ever to let your imagination run wild - and then make a point to To share their vision and realize it with someone who is very much on your level.
And on September 18-19, Venus in your 9th house of adventure forms a positive trine with rebellious Uranus in your 5th house of romance, inspiring you to break free from pragmatic thinking and embrace the unknown. By following your gut instincts, you can set yourself up for an exciting, unforgettable experience with your sweetheart or a potential match.
Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
You're generally a fan of working with a team of friends or a group of colleagues, but as romantic Venus moves through your 7th house of partnership from August 11th to September 4th, pretty much nothing beats Spending time with someone special is one. If you are in a relationship and have shared goals with your partner, this period can make crossing the finish line easier. If you're single, it's possible you'll meet someone who you really see eye to eye with.
Especially on August 18, when Venus forms a harmonizing trine with lucky Jupiter in your 3rd house of communication, you will be ready to say exactly what you want in a partner - present or future. Now, when you're unbound, revamping your app profile to be super direct can be particularly empowering. And when you're in an LTR, it's a nice time to take time to talk about your hopes and dreams for the future.
Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
Not only will the revitalizing Sun be in your 5th house of romance June 21-July 22, but sweet Venus will also be there July 17-August 11, enhancing carefree, spontaneous, and warm energy in your life . You will now want to pursue your desires more willingly and openly. If you've been in a situation where all the boxes weren't ticked, you might be empowered to take a stand — or just accept that it's time to move on. It should now be easier to attract what you deserve.
On August 7, when Venus in your 5th house forms a harmonious trine with mystical Neptune in your sign, you could be drawn into vivid, colorful dreams about your love life. Aligning and noting whatever you are imagining — not to mention how you feel inside — can actually help you realize what relationships you have and don't have time for, spiritually and energetically. Let this be your guiding light moving forward.

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