Stefon Diggs, Cole Beasley wouldn’t give teams the Brian Daboll pitch

The highest peak an NFL coach can reach is as a bank manager. The head coach is the top of the line and only a handful of people achieve this.
With the improvements the Bills (11-3) have seen on quarterback Josh Allen and their offense over the past year, some are suggesting that Buffalo's offensive coordinator in Brian Daboll may be on the verge of reaching such stats ... and indeed soon.
Everyone knows Daboll and other coaches are aiming for such heights. It is for this reason that potential head coaching candidates wish guys like Daboll all the best as they try to make their dreams come true.
Bill's wide receiver Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley decided this week to take a different approach.
Others involved in the Bills (11-3) like head coach Sean McDermott have wished well over their videoconference. The broad duo decided to keep their own views in mind first.
"I'm not giving any team a pitch for Brian Daboll ... this is my pitch ... he's not going anywhere, he's staying with me," Beasley said via videoconference on Wednesday. "I told him he couldn't leave until I was done."
"In my mind he stays here ... I don't want to talk about that at all," added Beasley.
Don't misread this, however. Beasley said it all with a smile, but made his point anyway. The slit-wide receiver knows how critical Daboll was to the Bills' successes on the offensive, and frankly, he wants this guy to be still in his corner and moving forward. Who could blame him?
On Diggs, he was essentially repeating Beasley. Diggs sent some good wishes, however.
"I don’t want to give one because I don’t want him to leave. I would say he’s doing the right thing. He’s approaching you from all angles, not just as a player and coach, but as a guy who understands the game . He's a pro. He means business, he's professional ... I love playing for him. But I don't want to give you a very good pitch, "said Diggs.
Unfortunately for Beasley and Diggs, much of this situation is out of their control ... and what is under their control doesn't help their cause. The more the couple wins, the more the bills help? The better daboll looks on the way.
But all is not lost yet. Lots of pinpoint Head Head Coaching candidates for many years before hiring. Even McDermott had multiple interviews over several years before he was hired in Buffalo. Then of course there are people like Giants head coach Joe Judge who come out of nowhere to grab a possible opening that seemed appropriate to others.
At this point, it is almost a waste of energy to worry about whether or not Daboll will be back. Just enjoy the 2020 ride and when we get there, we'll get there.
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