Steph Curry explains how Mavericks' 'ego win' in Game 4 unfolded

Steph explains how Mavs' Game 4 "ego win" originally unfolded on NBC Sports Bayarea
Between the leaking roof, a balancing basketball and the Warriors' disheartened performance, which nearly made a comeback, Dub Nation wondered what went wrong with the team's failed sweep chance in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals.
After Golden State fell 119-109 to the Dallas Mavericks Tuesday night at the American Airlines Center, Steph Curry tried to explain to reporters exactly why his team couldn't finish the streak.
In a stunning turn of events, the Mavericks were able to bounce back from their three-to-no deficit and line up in the Victory Column after winning 20-43 on 3-point attempts - a feat by the Dallas field, the Curry called an "ego win".
"A lot of it was just great shots from them," Curry told reporters after the game, noting that Dallas "heaved from everywhere" during Game 1, but the shots didn't come.
And in Game 2, Curry said, Golden State was able to cool off the Mavericks' hot second-half start while Game 3 was an "average" matchup.
"Tonight you're playing, it was almost like an ego win," Curry said, explaining the Dallas mindset. “You come out with really nothing to lose, so that confidence started early. We haven't really done anything to slow it down.
"And then the avalanche starts."
It was an avalanche indeed, as the Mavericks led by as much as 29 points throughout the game. The Warriors moved up to an eight-point lead by the fourth quarter, but the bench's inspired comeback wasn't enough to secure the sweep.
"So that's a good lesson," Curry continues. "You take your hat off to them for firing a lot of shots. We had a couple of glitches in our zone which gave them an easy look and they made us pay.

"We knew we had to close them, it's going to be difficult. So you have to buckle up for defense. If we go home Game 5 and figure out how to slow them down, especially in the first quarter."

Curry also explained how the Mavericks managed to break through Golden State's zone defenses.

"They tried some things against our zone, trying to overload one side and force us to turn and we were just a step slow," he said. “They obviously have a lineup where they can field five shooters and then they switched it around – I don't know if it was the end of the first or second half, but they took Luka [Dončić] off the ball in the Zone, so he was the one who caught with a live dribble and got us to make a read.

As the Warriors look for a gentleman's sweep in Game 5 at the Chase Center Thursday, Dallas can rest assured that Curry and co. will be ready to stop the Mavericks' 3-point onslaught.
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"Playoffs are fun. It's a game of adjustments and you have to figure it out," Curry said Tuesday. "If you don't make it in the blink of an eye and you have a game like tonight, prepare for the next 48 hours and focus on another level of what they did to win the game like tonight."

No NBA team has ever climbed out of a three-game-to-nothing hole in the playoffs, but the Mavericks on Tuesday looked like a team with a shot if the baskets continue to fall in their favor.

And the Warriors certainly don't take that lightly.
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