Steph Curry to take 'significant time off' after NBA Finals, trainer says

Payne breaks down the plan for Steph's offseason training program, which originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea
After a long and physically demanding NBA Finals, Steph Curry will take plenty of time to unwind before beginning preparations for next season.
His personal trainer, Brandon Payne, joined 95.7 The Game's "Steiny & Guru" on Wednesday, where he explained why Curry was able to withstand the physical rigors of the NBA for so many years and how he grew into his physique late in his career extended his durability as a superstar in the league.
"We've been able to work closely with the Warriors power team and work together to develop more of a 12-month approach as opposed to sort of an in-season/off-season approach," Payne said. “And that allowed us to get a lot more detailed and focus a lot more on specific things. Yes, he's added some strength, he's added a little size, but some of that has to do with the fact that he's getting into this grown man's body now, and he's just doing it a little bit later than some guys. Most guys usually get into that grown man body around 27, 28, 29 33, 34. And that bodes well for his future, that tells you he has a lot left in the tank.”
Struggling and overcoming injuries throughout the season, Curry played another two months on his way to winning his fourth championship in eight seasons and his first Finals MVP award. His body needs a break and plenty of time to rest before ramping back up for a quick turnaround as training camp is due to start in late summer/early fall.
"He's going to take his time now," Payne revealed. "He'll probably take the next two, three weeks and really not do much before the Tahoe golf tournament. The Tahoe golf tournament means something like the end of his vacation, the time when I start going there and set up my camp nicely much until the training camp, which he will endure in the next few weeks.
“We have a kind of steady ramp-up phase. We start week one and go four days and the first two weeks four days and then we'll probably add a fifth day around week three, week four. We could get to a sixth day around week five, and then he takes another 2 weeks vacation where he has a family vacation and then when he comes back instead of starting with a 4 day work week we start with a 5 day week and stay there for about 10-14 days and then move up again a 6-day week high."
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Curry's year-round training has played an important role in his longevity and continued success on the pitch. And this off-season will be no different.
For now, though, he'll be taking whatever time he needs to rest before the grind really begins later this summer.
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