Steve Bannon Admits He Talked with Trump About ‘Killing’ Biden Presidency Ahead of Jan. 6th

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Steve Bannon, the White House adviser who became the accused fraudster and podcast host, admitted Wednesday that he was staying ahead of the Jan. 6 riot.
Bannon's activities anticipating Jan. 6 are well documented, but how much he spoke to Trump prior to the uprising was unknown until Peril, a new book by Robert Costa and Bob Woodward, was published Tuesday. Bannon appeared to confirm Costa and Woodward's coverage during a recording of his War Room podcast on Wednesday.
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Bannon played clips from journalists discussing the book describing how Bannon spoke to the then president about the "crisis" that needed to be resolved on January 6th. “People will ask, 'What the hell is going on here? We will bury Biden on January 6th, bury him the damn, ”Bannon told Trump days before the uprising, according to Peril. "We'll kill it in the manger, kill the Biden Presidency in the manger."
This is how Bannon reacted on Wednesday:
“Yes, because of its legitimacy. Forty-two percent of Americans - 4-2 - think Biden did not legitimately win the presidency. It killed itself. ... Just let go of what this illegitimate regime is doing. It killed itself. We told you from the start. Just expose it. Just expose it. Never back down. Never give up. This thing is going to implode. "
Bannon's admission that he talked to Trump about overthrowing the election isn't shocking considering how he lathered his followers down on January 6, Bannon told his podcast listeners on Jan. 5 that the next day in Washington , DC THEY ARE TRYING TO STEAL THE VOTE, ”said Vice News. They did just that, marching from Trump's rally in the ellipse to and into the Capitol. The rally at which Trump implored his supporters to "fight like hell" was organized by March for Trump, a group with close ties to Bannon.
In the hours following the uprising, Bannon interviewed Trump attorney John Eastman, who beat up Vice President Pence for failing to prevent election results from being certified. His frustration was shrouded in new light this week after CNN received instructions from Eastman to Pence detailing the steps he needed to take to get the election referred back to the state legislature. Eastman reappeared on Bannon's podcast Tuesday to whine more about Pence.
"He refused to do it," Eastman said of Pence's failure to refer the election back to the state legislature, which would not even have been possible. Bannon said he had to get Eastman back on the show the next day.
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