Steve Young: Kyle Shanahan blame for Trey Lance injury 'goofball question'

Young: Shanahan to blame for Lance's injury is a 'goofball question' that originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea
With Trey Lance set to miss the remainder of the 2022 NFL season after fracturing his ankle, opinion is swirling as to whether 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan is to blame for the game call that left Lance injured.
While there are many who blame Shanahan for Lance's injury, 49ers great Steve Young believes the finger pointing is unwarranted.
"Look, it's football, and it's dangerous to run quarterbacks out of the group," Young said on KNBR 680's "Tolbert & Copes" Thursday. "Remember last year when Trey was playing the Cardinals, I think he [Shanahan] pushed him out of the huddle 13 times.
"I mean, we all kind of thought, 'Really, is that what we're doing?'"
Additionally, Young says the 49ers may have overestimated his abilities as a runner because Lance has so few carries in the NFL.
"Running him...was in the cards," Young continued. "And that's why I worry that Trey — there are guys who can run because they understand how to get down and out of trouble, and there are guys who don't."
Additionally, Young defended Shanahan's play call, saying those accusing the latter are asking "goofball questions."
"We thought he was that guy," Young explained. "And I think they believed Trey could do that... a quarterback run for Trey Lance?
Young then went on to say that the way that one game went, the 49ers coaching staff might need to reconsider their strategy on using Lance.
"My point maybe is to move forward when Trey gets back on the field, now we realize that maybe it's not what he really enjoys doing because we're figuring that out... But isn't that part of the deal we're going to do." have made? What about Trey was that we thought he was a guy who could do it?" Jung concluded.
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Questions about Lance's ability to run will surface as the season progresses and beyond until the young quarterback can silence his critics.
That said, with a motivated Jimmy Garoppolo back in the middle and leading the team, those questions might be temporarily silenced and Lance given the space to continue with rehab in peace.
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