Stevie Nicks on Her Hopeful New Single ‘Show Them the Way’ and Her Fears for the Next Four Years

Stevie Nicks wrote the lyrics for her new single "Show Them the Way" exactly three election cycles ago. But in the video for the song, directed by Cameron Crowe, it is clear that this year's election is the one that worries you when someone holds up a sign that reads "November is Coming".
"I've been holding it back since 2008, and I just knew this was the time, with the presidential election and everything else going on," Nicks told Variety. “I hope that this song and its words will be seen as a prayer - a prayer for our country and a prayer for the world. It's a pretty difficult song. And, "she says of the re-recorded version with Greg Kurstin as producer and Dave Grohl on drums," I think it's just a spectacular song. "
Is it a political one? "I hope people understand that it's impartial - that it's not for Republicans, it's not for Democrats. It's supposed to be a moment of peace for everyone, and ... you know the stupid thing about where people say: "Can't everyone just get along?" It's like we can just find a way out of this horrific thing we got into? That's why I've now published this. "
Calling the song impartial, however, doesn't mean she lacks a strong opinion about the seismic changes in the country and how she hopes things will swing in a month. When asked what she meant by “this horrible thing we got into,” Nicks said, without ever giving a name, “I just mean what happened to the country. Racism has been like that for the past four years much worse than he was. I'm 72 years old. I went through the 60s. I saw it all. I fought for Roe vs. Wade. That was the fight of my generation. And I don't want to live in a country that's so divisive. I'll go, well, if this starts over and it's four more years then I'll go - but we're nowhere welcome. Where can I go? And I think: Oh, space. Maybe I can Elon Convince Musk to give us a jet and let me pick 50 people and we like the bow and someone can take us and let us live on another planet until the next four years are over. "
Nicks says she released two versions of the song. "Myself and Greg Kurstin, my great producer, have an acoustic piano version," she says, referring to the two-time Grammy Producer of the Year famous for Adele's "Hello". “And then we did this rock and roll version too, with Dave Grohl playing drums and Dave Stuart (of Eurythmics fame) playing lead guitar from the middle. And Greg is the most amazing keyboard player. I was so blown away. "
The lyrics, according to her report, are essentially a transcription of a dream she had during the pre-2008 Democratic primaries when she was in the studio and coming home every night watching the news and historical political documentaries on television every night.
"One night I had a dream that was so real that I was pretty sure it had happened," says Nicks. “It's a cinematic story; it had a beginning, a middle, and an end, and every detail, every color, every smile was there. And I wrote the story when I woke up. The dream was: I became one Party invited to play the piano and sing a few songs. And no one has ever really asked me to entertain myself for anything because I don't play that well - so you know this was a dream, right? ”She laughs . “But I had three benefits in the Hamptons before, so that was somewhere in my brain. All these political people were there in a dream. The next day I wrote the words down and made a poem out of them. The next day I wrote the music. And since I've never recorded it until now, I felt that now was his time, his reason. I understood what it meant then and what it means today. "
Nicks hopes it's a balm amid one of the most tumultuous times the nation has ever known - but admits she finds little reason for bitter calm as the coronavirus is still rife. "I would never have released this song if I wasn't hoping it would bring some hope to the world," she says. "Because I think everyone is very scared and nervous and we are all locked up with nowhere to go and nothing to do. People don't pay attention with their masks and other people get it. And this virus will never go away, if not the whole world comes in and starts wearing their masks and doing whatever you have to do. It's like a creeping mushroom. And it's going to lock us all up in our homes and not help the economy. Nobody will ever be able to really to work full again, and nothing will ever be the same unless we get this thing under control. "
For them, this is still an impartial conversation, although it may not be understood as such by all. “The whole thing has become so political. It's not political, everyone! It is not. It's a virus. It doesn't matter which side you are on. It will kill you. And I said if I get it it'll kill me. I've affected the lungs. I was really sick last year. On the night of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [which she was inducted into as a solo artist in 2019 after previously appearing as a member of Fleetwood Mac], I knew something was wrong before I went on stage, so i had to really like to move in together. The next day I got really sick and went to the Philadelphia hospital for a week in intensive care with double pneumonia and asthma. And talk about your oxygen levels going down - my oxygen levels were barely there. If I should go on a ventilator ... My mom was on a ventilator for a month and she was hoarse for the rest of her life. All the other side effects that come with this virus ... you can get over it and just say, "Great, I'm good. It's gone. It's not gone. It's coming back in a little way to attack you forever.
"So you don't want to get it. It's like I've built a thin magical plastic shield around me, you know? Because I don't want my career to be over. I don't want to put those leather boots on again."
The video “Show Them the Way” contains a brief insight into Ruth Bader Ginsburg. For many of us, she may be short for “RBG”, but for Nicks, “I just call her Ruth. Ruth - oh my god, I was so sorry she couldn't hold out a few more months. But God bless them. I think she had pancreatic cancer about five times. It's the worst cancer you can get and how she did it and trained with her trainer every day - how on earth did this little lady do it? Because she knew how important it was that she stayed on this earth as long as possible. And she did her best. She is our little icon. We will never forget her. "
Nicks spoke to Variety not only about their new studio single, but also about their live concert film, Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold The Concert, which was set for a two-night engagement on October 21st and 25th, followed by a live one - Audio album with the same material on October 30th. A detailed interview with Nicks about this project can be found on Variety next week.
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