'Still sorta fits': January Jones shares throwback of jaw-dropping dress from 2011 Golden Globes

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January Jones showed off her infamous Versace dress from the 68th Golden Globes in 2011. (Images via Getty Images / Instagram / JanuaryJones)
Hours before the big names in film and television settled in their living rooms for a telecast of the 78th Golden Globes, January Jones gave fans a red carpet from the past.
After COVID-19 put an end to the traditional red carpet, the 43-year-old actress decided to take a trip back in time and try on the red Versace dress she wore to the 68th Golden Globes in 2011.
The Mad Men star took to Instagram to share a photo of herself in the stunning dress that frenzied photographers a decade ago.
"10 years later and it still fits (kind of)," the star said of her last post, which included a throwback photo from 2011.
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Jones shared more photos on her Instagram stories from her home photoshoot with minimal makeup and her ice blonde hair in a tousled bob.
"Wedged into this beauty today," wrote Jones. "10 years ago Versace made my dream dress for the Golden Globe Awards."
Jones, who has since appeared on the Netflix series The Politician and Spinning Out, also shared a playful photo of himself in the fiery red dress with a fringed skirt holding a pink-sprinkled donut.
"Part of the problem," she joked. "I also had a child."
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The post wowed the star's 1.1 million Instagram followers, who praised the star for relapsing into her iconic red carpet moment and seemingly timeless looks.
January Jones shared this playful photo of himself on Instagram. (Image via Instagram / JanuayJones)
"I only uttered one 'Jesus' louder than a preacher on Sunday," wrote one follower.
"Dude, you don't age - are you part of the vampire?" asked another.
"You haven't changed a bit," added one fan. "10 years later and still breathtaking."
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Despite Jones' insistence that the dress no longer fit, followers assured the star that she still looked "pop," "stunning," and "gorgeous".
"I literally have dreams about this dress," one follower told Jones. "You look beautiful."
"I remember that dress and how much Joan Rivers loved you in it!" said another.
January Jones at the 68th Golden Globe Awards in 2011. (Image via Getty Images)
In 2011, Jones dominated the best-dressed lists when she hit the Golden Globes red carpet and oozed old Hollywood glamor with her perfectly coiffed hair and thick red lip.
Later that year, Jones relived her fashion moment in an interview with Allure magazine.
"I have to keep the dress. One day I will have a daughter," said Jones, hopefully giving the memorable dress as a present. "Ryan Seacrest said he was having a hard time looking at my face and I said, 'That's the idea. You're out there for a reason.' Joan Rivers said I whore the carpet. I say thank you very much. "
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