Stimulus Update: States Give Out Thousands of Bonus $1,000 Checks – Will You Get One?

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The states have been given federal money to give "retention bonuses" to certain employees under the US rescue plan and they are now starting to distribute them.
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In March, the Department of Education announced that each state education agency would receive a total of $ 122 billion in funding for K-12 schools. The unprecedented funding was made available to the states to "fund health and safety measures in line with CDC guidelines that can resolve disruptions in teaching and learning caused by the pandemic ... and get students back to the classroom quickly and safely" .
The ED also stated that one of the initiatives the funds could be used for is to avoid devastating layoffs and hire additional teachers to address learning losses and support existing staff.
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School districts have taken the opportunity to use some of this money to keep teachers they already have on staff to avoid being released on bail given a return to face-to-face classes.
Counties in Tennessee, Texas, California and across the state of Georgina have approved four-digit bonuses to stave off teacher resignations and boost staff morale following the pandemic, the Wall Street Journal reports.
Georgia was the first state to begin distributing statewide bonuses of $ 1,000 to over 230,000 school employees. This affected almost all teachers and staff, including assistants, auxiliaries, supervisors, bus drivers and canteen workers. These are all employees who either did not work or were able to work virtually during the pandemic but are expected to return at the start of the new school year.
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Although the money is being provided for K-12, the Georgia Governor's Office and the Department of Early Care and Learning are working together to provide the same bonus to pre-K-12 employees through a separate funding source. Funding will also be given to part-time workers, although it is the amount of full-time workers ($ 500).
Florida also approved loyalty rewards, but not all employees were covered for receiving the funds. The ED sent a letter to Florida questioning the governor's decision and assignment methods.
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The Department of Education has so far approved 17 of the 42 state plans for these bonuses. To see if your state is one of these, you can check here.
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Last updated: August 2, 2021
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