Stolen Camaro Recovered In Kansas Field

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Lock your muscle cars, everyone!
We keep trying to tell auto enthusiasts of all kinds that vehicle thefts were particularly high in 2020 and are on the rise, making it even worse. We saw cars being stolen from shops, garages and parking lots in broad daylight. While we don't cover every time a Kia or Honda is charged, we always sound the alarm when a classic muscle car has been stolen. Thankfully, there's a happy ending for a first-generation Chevrolet Camaro SS that was reported stolen in Saline County, Kansas.
The classic muscle car was recently recovered in a field south of Brookville, also in Saline County. A deer hunter called an abandoned vehicle around 9 a.m. The Saline County Sheriff's MPs replied and were quick to discover it was the same Camaro that had been stolen days earlier.
The engine was likely damaged, which was indicated by a lot of oil on the muscle car and the street it was found on. To be on the safe side, the owner had it hauled to a store for repair.
Valued at $ 30,000 by the owner, the Chevy Camaro doesn't look like it was recently restored. The only photo supplied is not of excellent quality. We know the car was parked in a warehouse in Salina, Kansas and stolen between September 26th and 28th.
This deer hunter said he was in the same field the night before, so it was probably thrown away late at night. Criminals like to work under cover when they can, which everyone probably already knows.
This is really a happy situation. Too often stolen cars are not recovered. Thieves could hack it and sell the parts or destroy the vehicle after using it for other crimes. This should remind everyone that securing your collector cars properly is especially important these days.
Source: Salina Post
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