Stranded day-drinkers discover that beer, air mattresses, and the Indian Ocean don’t mix

First hand footage of the rescue
On the other side of the world is a land where 22,000 miles of coastline kiss a vast expanse of the seemingly infinite ocean. It's a land where beer flows freely, which is believed to help people forget that giant spiders are chasing them every step of the way. I'm of course talking about Australia, where last Saturday two men either didn't notice or didn't mind that the inflatable mattress they drank on during the day drifted out into the sea.
Jackson Perry and Noah Palmer had put the air mattress and a cooler full of beer in the water in front of Palmer's house by the sea south of Perth on the west coast of Australia. They didn't want to relax the day more than 50 meters from the shore, but the wind had other plans.
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"We couldn't paddle against the wind and kept going," Perry said in an interview with Sunrise, an Australian morning newscast. "We only wanted to be a maximum of 100 meters from the coast, and before we knew it we were at sea."
With the batteries on their phones dwindling, Palmer and Perry called their friend Tex, who they knew was about 30 minutes from their location. As the wind carried them two and a half miles into the Indian Ocean, the couple noticed that they were gradually sinking because the mattress was full of pinholes. To stay afloat, Palmer would jump off the mattress every few minutes and refill it manually while the duo waited for help.
After three hours of drifting, Tex arrived on a jet ski to rescue his friends and was quickly followed by a team of volunteer rescuers who brought Perry and Palmer ashore. When asked if they would have given advice to other people who would like to drink on floating air mattresses, Perry said he should “check the wind forecast first and foremost,” but did not regret his death-defying adventure in the clear blue expanse. "Other than that, we had a pretty good time."
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