Stranger buys boy a basketball hoop after seeing him shooting hoops into a trash can

When it comes to random kind acts, this is a slam dunk.
Thirty-year-old Devin Hinkston was driving through the town of Alexandra, Louisiana, when he spotted a boy playing basketball in his driveway. As he got closer, he noticed that the boy was using a trash can as a basketball hoop.
Hinkston decided to change that.
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PHOTO: 8-year-old Jeremiah plays on a basketball team at his local church. (Charminique love)
“I always do [random acts of kindness],” Hinkston said. "I see kids in the corner shop and buy everyone something to nibble on. I'll see a homeless man and buy him a bomber jacket or something to eat. I just never post about it on social media because that's not why I do do it. I do it from the bottom of my heart. "
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As Hinkston drove to the house with a basketball hoop, he was greeted by Patricia Williams and her 8-year-old grandson Jeremiah.
He told Williams he drove by and saw a young boy throw his ball in the trash can and wanted to give him a present.
Williams said Jeremiah loved basketball and played in a league at her local church. His favorite player is LeBron James.
"Everywhere he goes he carries his little basketball," said Williams.
"This man was a complete stranger," said Williams. "I just started crying because it was an angel in disguise."
Hinkston said he got emotional too.
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"Jeremiah was in the background and jumping for joy and she was jumping and I dropped tears," said Hinkston. "It was special."
PHOTO: He carries his little basketball everywhere, ”says grandmother Patricia Williams of grandson Jeremiah. (Patricia Williams)
Jeremiah had a basketball game later that day where he scored 12 points and led his team to victory.
Williams took a picture of Jeremiah and Hinkston and posted it on Facebook, where it received thousands of views.
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HInkston said he kept in touch with the family and plans to return to the house to help them assemble the basketball hoop. His ultimate dream, he said, would be to one day fund a nonprofit for the kids in the community so they can do activities after school.
“You should always be nice. You never know what someone else is going through, ”said Hinkston.
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