Stranger leaves touching note on couple's doorstep thanking them for the courage to come out

One gay couple said they received a handwritten message from a neighborhood kid that wasn't at all what was expected.
Sal Stow, an educator from Round Rock, Texas, shared the contents of the letter on Facebook Wednesday, where it has been shared nearly 700 times since then.
Stow told Good Morning America that she posted a photo of the paper after finding it under a rock outside her friend Meghan Stabler's house. Stabler also shared the note on Twitter.
"You don't know me," it says in part in the note. "We're leaving today, but I wanted to thank you. When I see a Pride flag waving so proudly in front of your house every day, I have the courage to come to my family and feel more comfortable with myself." "
Below the message, which appears to have been written by a young person, is a hand-drawn person waving a trans flag and a pansexual flag.
Stow and Stabler have been a couple for 18 months and share part of the year. Originally from the UK, Stow said she found the note after walking her dog.
PHOTO: Sal Stow said she and her partner Meghan Stabler received a handwritten note from a kid in the neighborhood that was not as expected at all. (Sal Stow)
"When I took the note, I almost burst into tears," Stow told GMA. "When we know our visibility [and] the effect it has on a person, it means so much. We live in a very conservative area. When I read the note, I was grateful that through our visibility we had enabled a young person to to be comfortable in itself. "
"I know what it is to find and see something to relate to that is part of who you are," she added. "I'm glad I shared it."
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When not teaching, Stow serves on the Board of Governors of the Human Rights Campaign, where she leads fundraising drives in Houston and trains other elementary school teachers to create more inclusive classrooms for all children. She is also co-chair of the HRC Steering Committee in Houston.
PHOTO: Sal Stow, an educator from Round Rock, Texas, is shown in an undated photo with her friend Meghan Stabler. (Sal Stow)
Stow said she and Stabler wanted to share the letter online in honor of Pride Month and were touched by the comments.
"As the mother of a" proud "child, I thank you," wrote one.
Another user intervened from abroad: "That only gave me the best goose bumps. Greetings from Helsinki, Finland."
"We have to be proud, loud and loud," wrote another. "We have to keep our eyes open and be there for the younger people who need us."
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Stow said she may know the author / illustrator's identity but wants to protect her privacy.
"It's incredible that it had such a ripple effect, especially in the climate we lived in," added Stow. "It fills my heart when I see the effects it has."
Stow said she and Stabler plan to frame the note and display it.
Editor's Note: This was originally published June 20, 2019.
Strangers leave a touching note on the couple's front door thanking them for the courage to come out, which originally appeared on

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