'Stranger Things' star Joseph Quinn reveals the 'horrible' death scene he didn't think Netflix would let them show in season 4

Joseph Quinn plays Eddie Munson on Stranger Things. Netflix
Joseph Quinn said he was surprised Netflix let Chrissy's death on Stranger Things through.
The actor who plays Eddie Munson called Vecna's way of killing "terrible".
Chrissy and the other victims of Vecna ​​die as their bodies levitate into the air, breaking their bones.
Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn was just as horrified as viewers by Chrissy's death in the first episode of season four, to the extent that he didn't think Netflix would let the show get away with it.
The actor, who played Eddie Munson in the new season of 'Stranger Things,' told ScreenRant that during post-production he was offered the opportunity to see the death his character is present for.
"I remember the first ADR session I had, they said, 'Shall we show you death?' and I said, 'Yeah, sure,'" Quinn told ScreenRant. "They showed me and I was like, 'There's no way you can get away with this, Netflix isn't going to let you do it.'"
Chrissy (Grace Van Dien) is the first dead person in Stranger Things season four. After being tormented by visions based on Chrissy's fear that her mother will criticize her body, the cheerleader eventually becomes a victim of the villain Vecna ​​while buying drugs in Eddie's trailer. Their deaths are gruesome - Vecna ​​kills his victims by flipping their consciousness upside down while their bodies float in the real world and contort while their bones fracture.
Chrissy orders the monster to "go away" Netflix in "Stranger Things 4".
Quinn called the manner of death "fucking awful" and explained that the sequence apparently made it into the show's final cut. Chrissy isn't the only one to die in the same bone-crushing manner either - Vecna ​​claims several other victims in similar fashion throughout the season.
The Duffer brothers, the co-creators and co-showrunners of Stranger Things, told TV Line that Chrissy's fate was already sealed when they filmed a pivotal scene between Quinn's character Eddie and Chrissy in the woods that changed the chemistry of the Actors flaunted quickly made them fan favorites.
"It's pretty impressive what Grace was able to do with very, very few scenes to get people interested in the way she did," Matt Duffer told TV Line.
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