Street Racing Dodge Charger Kills Innocent Driver

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Enthusiasts need to find a way to stop this ...
According to the Los Angeles Police Department and witnesses, two or three cars were involved in a road race in the West Hills of Los Angeles when one, a Dodge Charger, hit a car at an intersection. The collision pushed the Charger and Toyota Prius into the parking lot of a Montessori, killing the Toyota driver and seriously injuring the Dodge driver. It's big news in California, and people are understandably upset as they can imagine a loved one just getting on with their day-to-day life and then suddenly being killed by street racers.
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Witnesses say the Dodge Charger driver lost control before slamming into the Prius, which turned right. Immediately everything turned upside down. The LAPD is looking for at least one other car that is involved in the incident.
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The dead driver is a mother who lost her husband a few years ago. This fact only fuels indignation about the accident, which is understandable. It shouldn't have happened. People interviewed by Local News say that street races are constantly happening on this stretch of road and that police should do something about it.
Some transmissions feel little or no responsibility for road racing accidents, and we understand that if you are not on public roads, you are not part of the problem. That is certainly true, but the public and especially government officials see it differently. This could mean all kinds of comprehensive laws and guidelines to curb street racing that negatively affect your hobby as well. Enthusiasts should act before others do it for them.
Photo credit: YouTube
Exactly what enthusiasts can do to curb street racing is many and everyone has to figure it out for themselves. Speaking out against it definitely doesn't hurt, as it can encourage friends not to race in crowded cities. It also challenges the narrative that some media outlets, whether intentional or not, have pushed for all gears to do such a thing. None of us need that.
Sources: CBS Los Angeles, NBCLA
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