Street Racing Mustang Torn In Half

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Another Mustang hits a power pole!
We bring you a video that is so crazy you have to watch it to fully believe the story. A Fox Body Mustang took part in an illegal street race and fell so badly that it was torn in two. Based on the appearance of the area and people's accents, we think this was somewhere in the southeastern United States, but no location is specified so that's just a guess. The video also states that the drivers are from Mississippi and New Orleans.
Watch another Fox Body Mustang get torn in half here.
This Ford Mustang seems questionable at best. This is not meant to be a slap on all Fox bodies - there are some fine examples out there. However, this one has definitely seen better days for a long time. There are rust bubbles highlighted by the street lights, wavy body panels, and interesting mods that can be seen in the video.
It gets even more interesting when the driver's buddies pick up the rear end and push the car over a bit, probably to straighten it. Why not from Ford under its own power? Would it break if you tried? That might well be true, but whipping it out in a high-speed street race will be fine.
We feel like this race is the battle of the rusty titans or something like that. After both drivers hit it, the Fox Body Mustang gets a bit bumpy in the rear, then it turns sharply to the right and the little pony hits a power pole. Why do these Mustangs always run into power poles? Do you want to be electrified so badly?
This isn't the first janky Fox Body Mustang we've seen crashing so badly in drag racing that it was torn in two. We reported another incident on a route where the security protocols seemed ... questionable. Suffice it to say that a roll cage in these ponies could be more than just a good idea.
According to the video, the driver only broke his jaw, lost some teeth and broke his shoulder. It did a lot better than the car, that's for sure. Obviously, that race cost $ 1,600. Why don't they run for pink panties? Probably because neither driver wants to inherit the other's shitty grate.
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