Street Racing Mustangs Take Out Power Pole

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Dangerous Mustangs are back in a big way!
For some time, the previous video stream showing Ford Mustangs gloriously exiting car meetings, spinning on the streets, etc., has been supplanted by the bad behavior of Dodge Challenger drivers. It seemed like we didn't see the Blue Oval's pony car wreaking havoc, but that changed with this amazing video of two Mustangs drag races in Indianapolis.
Check out a Dodge Challenger at a takeover event that almost hit a bystander here.
In the video you can see two Mustangs starting a race on a two-lane road. One is an SN95 - it looks like a GT - with no obvious modifications. The other is an S550 with an aftermarket hood, but we have no idea what else it or the other pony might be running.
Image credit: Rumble
As the two Mustangs race down the street, it is a little difficult to see which one wins as there is a fair amount of tire smoke behind it. You can see the S550 Mustang turn right, then hear it hit the power pole as the lines move over it. This is a classic case of playing stupid and winning stupid prizes.
After the crash, people jump on their motorcycles and disperse on foot in a crazy shot, probably partly to avoid tangling with power lines and partly because they know the cops will be coming to the scene for sure to check. A few stay here to get footage and photos of the episodes including the person who brought us this beautiful video. We assume they broke up not too long afterwards, hopefully after making sure the S550 Mustang driver wasn't injured.
Image credit: Rumble
The road has some markings, either the group has run a series of road races in a row or they drive into the area often. Some of the brands look like they are from motorcycles and are circular so there was probably a lot going on this road takeover. How law enforcement officers failed to get hold of these gatherings is a good question for anyone in Indianapolis to ask.
We also apologize for this video in the wrong portrait format. Obviously, the person who took this footage isn't very intelligent - that goes without saying, considering they are participating in an illegal street race. You also don't notice that the landscape format does so much better, even though you have to hold your phone sideways. This orientation also means you are likely to be holding the phone with two hands so the video will be more stable. It is a good thing for everyone to keep this in mind when recording evidence that authorities can use in tracking idiots who drive on the city streets.
Image credit: Rumble
We obviously didn't post this video to glorify the street race that all these people have gathered to witness. Obviously, this shows just one of the many ways that public road racing can go terribly wrong. No one is going to take out a power pole, hit an innocent driver, mow down a few kids on their bikes, etc. while on a real drag strip. It also gives you your quarter mile time and your falling speed, but maybe that's the point: people who want to claim their car is way faster than it actually is a race on the road, as there is no way to really go about anything measure up.
Check out the video for yourself.
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