Strippers agreed to a private dance for $1,000, but the men wanted more, Miami Beach cops say

A $ 1,000 private dance with two hired strippers in a Miami Beach hotel room turned into a chase and shootout after the two women refused to have sex with their clients, Miami Beach police said.
One of the women was injured by broken glass from the bullet on the vehicle window. And the suspected shooter was captured and arrested a few hours later, police said when he returned to his hotel room to pick up some belongings.
Tremain Weekes, 23, from New York is now charged with attempted murder. He was detained at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami-Dade on Thursday, without commitment.
The shooting took place near the Fontainebleau hotel on Wednesday morning and graduated from schools in the area. The woman was treated on the spot and released.
The police report contains two conflicting reports about what happened.
The victim told police that she and another dancer met two men at the club and agreed to return to their room at the Grand Beach Hotel for $ 1,000. The agreement did not include "sexual services", according to Weekes' arrest report.
Police say the victim and a dancer, known by the stage name India, left work around 6 a.m. and came to the hotel in separate cars around 7 a.m.
They say the men paid them when they got there and they started undressing as they danced for Weekes and his friend, according to the report. The men then exposed themselves, said the police.
"They then asked the victim and India to have intercourse with them, but each refused his request, stating that they had not made arrangements for these services and, in fact, had not participated in sex for money," one official wrote in the report . At that point, the victim said the defendant had changed all his behavior and appeared to be concerned that for the money they paid, sexual intercourse would not take place.
The victim then noticed a gun on the counter and felt uncomfortable, police said.
A short time later, the women left the room and picked up their cars from the valet service. Weekes and his friend did the same.
The victim told police that she had driven north on Collins Avenue in her 2014 white four-door Mecedes-Benz and stopped at a traffic light to make a U-turn. India has done the same thing in its own vehicle, according to the report.
Weekes then stopped on the passenger side of the victim, police said.
"The defendant told the victim that he wanted to speak to her, but she refused to do so because she feared for her safety," one official wrote in the report. "The defendant then pulled his vehicle closer to the victim and asked to speak to her again. This time, however, he pointed a black gun at her, causing the victim to speed up and turn south on Collins Avenue."
The victim heard about three shots. Her arm was bleeding as she raced away, police said. She called her brother, who then called the police.
Meanwhile the men sped off in a different direction. The police then went to the Grand Beach Hotel and waited. Weekes then showed up to get his things from room 1304.
Weekes told police that they met at a strip club and invited her back to his room. He said they went "in a hurry," and then found that about $ 1,000 was missing.
"According to the defendant, he tried to catch up with the women, but was unsuccessful," wrote one official.
He said someone from India's car shot him and forced his friend, who was in the back of the driver's seat, to shoot back. Then he told the police that "they shot the white vehicle to make it stop".
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