‘Sunny Is Just As Smart’: Condoleezza Rice’s ‘Brazenly Condescending’ Back and Forth with ‘The View’ Co-Host Sunny Hostin Called Out by Viewers

Sunny Hostin and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have different views on the January 6th Capitol riot. These differences of opinion came head to head during a heated discussion over the latest episode of "The View".
On Wednesday, October 20, during an appearance on the daytime talk show on television, referring to Mitch McConnell's recent testimony to the attacks, Rice suggested that Americans had left the incident behind and were more interested in " Kitchen table problems - the price of "concentrate of gasoline, inflation, what happens to their children in school."
Sunny Hostin (left) and Condoleezza Rice (right) fight over the January 6 uprising. (ABC The View Screengrab)
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Shortly thereafter, co-host Hostin spoke up and said, "I think it really makes political sense for Mitch McConnell to say, 'Let's get on, let's get on,' especially when the former, twice-indicted, disgraced president enjoys attacking Mitch McConnell, but the problem is that if we don't find out exactly what happened on January 6th, the past becomes a prologue. "
Reis shot back quickly. "Our institutions need to be upheld," but before Hostin could say another word, Rice added, "Let me finish, Sunny."
"When 80 percent of Republicans want to run Trump in 2024?" Asked the host.
"You know what, you know what," said Rice as he interrupted Hostin. "I'm a political scientist and if I can't see the questions that were actually included in this survey, unless I see the assumptions in this survey, I am not going to assume that this survey was great." Hostin's reply prompted Rice just to repeat that she is a political scientist.
Elsewhere, the former national security adviser clashed with co-host Whoopi Goldberg after sharing her stance on critical racial theory taught in schools. Drawing on her own experience, the former politician found that, as someone who grew up in segregated Birmingham, Alabama, it was difficult for her to strike a balance on this very sensitive issue.
“I want black children to be fully empowered to know that they are beautiful in their blackness. But to do that, I don't have to make white kids feel guilty about being white, ”Rice said. "This is a conversation that I think has gone in the wrong direction."
Goldberg pointed out, "The whole idea of ​​teaching history is that we don't repeat it."
To which Rice replied that the story is complex and the way it is presented is also important.
The former George W. Bush administration official eventually received backlash after exuding an unjustified stance against the hosts, especially the hostess, which many critics held on social media.
"She was outrageously condescending towards Sunny," wrote a Twitter user.
“How many times has she cut off Sunny? The fact that she couldn't listen to other people's perspective tells you everything you need to know about Condi Rice. "I don't feel like being in the political limelight, that's why I came to 'The View'."
"Thank you for always bringing the BALANCE from the black perspective into the" view "!" Another person on Twitter wrote the hostess directly.
“Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was so disrespectful to you this morning! She kept interrupting you and talking about you! "
A third person commented, “Also, I don't like how Condoleezza Rice got away with it, it was disrespectful. Ma'am Sunny is just as smart as you are, so let's cut the smart antics. I agree with Sunny that she hasn't lost her cool, because Condoleezza deserves it. "
Check out the explosive moment below.
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