Super Rare Real-Deal Lotus Super-Seven Selling on Bring A Trailer

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This is not a kit, but a real factory Lotus 7!
Lotus has been known for its incredible performance on the rally circuit for many decades due to its superior car design compared to some of its off-road competitors. Dirt tracks aside, of course, they also have many accomplishments in the road racing world, giving them a great perspective on how to make a car fast and useful without breaking the bank. A really good example of this is the 1962 Lotus Super Seven, which featured great performance, a small frame and iconic styling to create a memorable competitor on the race track. This particular Super Seven has been kept in great condition and still boasts some really impressive performance figures even by today's standards.
Under the hood is an engine you might not expect from this European sports car, an American engine. With a displacement of 1500cc, this Ford Cosworth inline-4 is capable of delivering more than enough power for anyone who competed back in the day. For those who prefer their measurements in litres, that's around 1.5 litres, which is quite substantial when you're talking about such a small beauty. All this power is readily apparent as soon as you step on the gas thanks to the Burns exhaust system, a great addition to a vehicle that came pretty much perfect for its key functions from the factory.
Before the sheer torque of this engine hits the 13-inch wheels, it has to go through a very robust power transmission system, otherwise there could be trouble out on the track. That's exactly why this Lotus uses a four-speed manual replacement gearbox, an industry standard for anyone with a passion for driving. This raw and responsive transmission system is further complemented by a roll bar that keeps the car stable and a wooden gear knob that fits perfectly in the driver's hand. To top it off, the odometer only shows a whopping 1700 km or 1100 miles, ensuring you can enjoy the car for 4 years. If you're one of those people who takes pride in keeping this incredible piece of performance history alive while enjoying driving it, then you should definitely consider this 1962 Lotus Super 7 for your next car purchase .
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