'Supergirl' Melissa Benoist receives fan support after ex-husband Blake Jenner breaks silence about abuse claims

Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist is getting fan support - using the hashtag #IStandWithMelissa - after her ex-husband Blake Jenner broke his silence and admitted to abusing her "emotionally, mentally and yes, physically" as well as his own counterclaims has alleged abuse.
In his first post since Benoist shared a video in November 2019 calling herself "a domestic violence survivor, or IPA, intimate partner violence" ... something I never expected in my life to be would say, "Jenner wrote a long Instagram post opening about what he calls their" toxic relationship ".
Melissa Benoist's ex takes "full responsibility" for abuse during their toxic marriage but claims it went "both ways". (Photo: Phillip Chin / Getty Images for Warner Brothers Television)
"For the past eleven months, I've been thinking about how to address a personal situation that was made public in late 2019," Jenner wrote. "During this time I have been thinking about a time in my life that I had previously kept in the dark out of shame and fear, but I know that this needs to be approached not only publicly but also privately directly with the individual concerned and with me. "
The 28-year-old actor and singer said when he was 20, "I met a woman and we fell in love," referring to the 32-year-old Benoist childhood. "And while the relationship brought them" joyous heights ", there was also" jealousy "," insecurity "and" volatility ".
While he said he wanted to get out of the marriage - their divorce was finalized in 2017 after he had secretly married four years earlier - and thought it was the "healthier choice", he claimed he felt like I couldn't leave, when someone i loved asked me to stay. It was a relationship with a foundation that was rooted in interdependence and with dire consequences. We were both young and let so much of our brokenness fester for too long. "
Jenner, who has had a recurring role on Supergirl starring Benoist, wrote that he "takes full responsibility and responsibility for the damage I have done during my relationship with my former partner - emotionally, mentally and yes, physically". He admitted to throwing a phone "aimlessly" during an "escalating argument" and hit her "in the face". He said it is a moment he will "regret for the rest of my life" and can only imagine "the pain, fear and shame she must have felt at that moment". And he knows, regardless of intent, that he was “responsible for the pain I caused right now and beyond. And I'm still working on forgiving myself. "
Blake Jenner attends the WHAT / IF special screening of Netflix in London's West Hollywood on May 16, 2019. (Photo: Charley Gallay / Getty Images for Netflix)
However, he notes that "it is important to understand that mental, emotional, and physical abuse has been inflicted on both sides without releasing me from any responsibility." And while he said it was not "intended as an excuse," he made some of his own claims, noting, "I also believe that when allegations and information are made about someone, the two-way accountability has the right to be to defend if deemed necessary. "
He made several allegations against Benoist, alleging that she "scratched", "hit", "punched" and "physically assaulted" him. He said he was left "with a traumatic injury" after an incident in the shower he refused to delve into and had to be hospitalized with a broken nose.
"I too had to hide and make up lies about many of the visible injuries I suffered during the relationship," he wrote.
He also claimed he was forced to hand down multiple jobs because Benoist was jealous of female co-stars. When he was working, he claimed she was upset, allegedly calling him once and threatening to harm herself.
While making his own allegations, he said he did not want to get into a "mud fight" match. He doesn't want to "pull them down in any way". He wants to heal what he has been doing through therapy for years after breaking up with Benoist four years ago.
Towards the end, he went straight to Benoist and apologized: "The most important apology, then and now - is for my former partner. I'm sorry. There are many things I wish I could have done differently and as long as I want It hasn't cost the pain we've endured in our relationship. I'll never make the same mistakes again, "he vowed. "I will never stop doing the work that is necessary to improve myself in any area of ​​my life. I wish you and your family nothing but good health, joy and love."
Benoist has not yet publicly responded to Jenner, but her many fans have and felt Jenner's testimony blamed too many victims. They also criticized the timing when she recently welcomed her first child with her second husband, Chris Wood.
Although many only sent her love.
Her video telling her story also got widespread and can be seen here:
Benoit and Wood welcomed a son, Huxley, in September. And there are more changes in her life than it was announced around the same time that the upcoming sixth season of Supergirl would be the last.
If you find yourself in an unsafe situation with a partner, call the national domestic violence hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).
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