‘Supernatural’s’ Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki on Their Final Scene Together, Moving onto ‘The Boys’ and ‘Walker’

The Winchesters' work may not be done with Supernatural yet, but their cast Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are already thinking about getting rid of Dean and Sam and developing new characters.
The CW demon hunting drama called Series Wrap was released in early September, and the guys shared their final scene as on-screen brothers on September 10th.
“It was our last day of shooting in the studios when I showed up and it was a big day in terms of scripting. And our third AD, Emma - we call her G.G., which stands for "garden gnome" because she is small - she came up to me and was already in tears; She said, "It's our last day in the studio." And I just said, "No. No, no, no, another day in the office, business as usual, don't start." That's how I do the work, "Ackles told Variety.
Padalecki only pointed out a few days between the wrap and chatting with Variety that he doesn't "know if I've unpacked" what this brother's last moment means emotionally full. He shares that he "avoided really engaging with this mindset and what it means and what it means".
"Though Jensen and Jared knew" Hey "Supernatural" was ready on Friday; We'll be done on Thursday. "We had to treat it that way." OK, this may be the last minute of the Super Bowl, but we still have games to play. "We still have to get to the point," he explains.
"Supernatural" began airing the final seven episodes of its 15-season run on October 8, with the world watching to see if the Winchesters would be able to defeat God (Rob Benedict), who was bent like hell (no Pun intended)) about the destruction of universes lately. In contrast to previous seasons, however, the episodes ended prematurely: the first five were completed in the spring, as the show was originally supposed to end in May. When the coronavirus pandemic stopped production, there were two episodes imminent, which concluded in early September during the ongoing pandemic.
"We didn't let COVID stop any brotherly moments", promises Padalecki. The protocol on the set had the co-leads tested every three days and only interacted with key people like each other, the director, the cameraman and their key makeup and hair artist.
"In these final moments, without giving too much away, I think you'll see that the lines separating the character from the actor become very blurred," says Ackles of Dean and Sam's last scene together.
Due to schedule changes due to COVID, both Ackles and Padalecki were able to anticipate what their next projects would look like before completing what is arguably the longest-running project they will ever participate in.
Earlier this year, Padalecki booked the title role in the CW's restart of "Walker, Texas Ranger" with the simple title of "Walker". For the first time in his career, he will also be executive producer on this project. In August, Ackles announced that he would join the Amazon Prime Videos cast "The Boys" in season three and play the first superhero, Soldier Boy. Just yesterday it was announced that the Ackles had also signed a general agreement with the Warner Bros. Television Group.
"My new character, Walker, is different from Sam, and that's why I've been spending time with it ever since they called 'That's a wrap' to get back into that mindset. I got into that mindset during quarantine, but I did knows just like any actor that it takes a while to complete a character - and it should, "says Padalecki." If "Walker," the TV show, three or four or five or six or seven years or whatever is going on, then I hope it is more polished and developed than during the pilot. And so, I've done a lot of the work - I did the character work - and I'll start from there and let me know more about what's going on between "Action" and "Cut". "
Both actors say that no matter what new character they come up with, there were valuable lessons learned on the set of Supernatural that they will take with them.
“The last 15 years have not been just work, but an educational experience. I've learned a lot about everything I do. Jared and I didn't go to school for that. We learned in the workplace. The more we were at work, the more we learned. I certainly never thought that we would be so well trained in what we do, and I think that will only help us with what we do in the future, ”says Ackles.
Padalecki adds, "I will proudly incorporate Sam Winchester and the lessons I learned from Supernatural into any job - and probably outside of jobs, just like a person I want to be."
"Supernatural" is broadcast on Thursdays at 8 pm. on the CW.
Watch Variety's video interview with Ackles and Padalecki above.
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