Supervisor ordered to stop hiring Black workers at Florida company, lawsuit says

A father-son management duo ordered a supervisor to stop hiring black workers at a Florida construction company's site "because they're lazy," according to a federal lawsuit.
The couple repeatedly used racial slurs when speaking about black people - in particular one of the company's few black employees, who was eventually fired "because of his race" in 2019 after the manager tried to support him, a complaint by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that was filed against the company states.
Now Lone Wolf Resources, LLC, which has six offices in four states, must pay $50,000 to settle allegations of racial discrimination, including against the black worker, that took place at the company's Jacksonville construction site, the EEOC said in a July 6 press release.
McClatchy News contacted attorneys representing the company on July 6 for comment and is awaiting a response.
"It is despicable that Black employees continue to be subjected to heinous racial slurs in the workplace," Robert Weisberg, the regional attorney for EEOC District Miami, said in a statement.
The company is accused of giving the black employee who was a truck driver in charge of hauling rocks "the least desirable and most labor-intensive task" — manually pumping water out of ponds — when he wasn't driving, it says the EEOC Complaint. Meanwhile, this task was never given to white workers who held a similar position.
When his manager noticed that the worker was "treated less favorably than his white colleagues" and tried to speak up on his behalf, he was told to put the matter aside, the complaint says.
On one occasion, the company's co-owner and manager, the father-son couple accused of making racist remarks against the black worker, urged the supervisor to fire the employee, according to the EEOC. However, the supervisor refused.
That employee was denied an annual performance review, which white workers routinely receive, and this barred him from a possible raise, the complaint said. The father-son couple are accused of telling the boss that "they hoped this would cause (him) to resign".
After the worker "complained" that he hadn't received his performance review, he was fired, according to the press release.
Lone Wolf is accused of violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prevents racial discrimination.
The company, which also has locations in Texas, Georgia and Michigan, is required to create an anti-discrimination policy and provide its workers with anti-discrimination training as a result of the lawsuit, the release said. In addition, the employees should be informed about the lawsuit.
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