Susan Collins lashes out at Dem challenger as she fights the toughest battle of her political career

Senator Susan Collins and Rep. Sara Gideon Getty Images / Salon
Maine Senator Susan Collins has gone from being one of New England's most beloved Republicans to a struggle for political survival. In the past, Collins was re-elected in double-digit landslides; In 2020 there is a risk that she will be voted out of office. And the Republican from Maine discussed her frustrations during an interview with Politico.
Recent polls have shown that Collins Democratic challenger, Maine House spokeswoman Sara Gideon, has a single-digit lead over Collins. A poll by Bangor Daily News found the race is very close and Gideon is only 1% ahead. However, other recent polls have found Gideon ahead by 4% (Colby College) or 5% (Boston Globe / Suffolk University and New York Times / Siena).
Collins' political problems can be summed up in three words: President Donald Trump. Gideon and many other Democrats have argued that Collins is too supportive of Trump's far-right agenda, and countless Democrats are still angry with Collins for voting for Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation in the US Supreme Court in 2018.
Collins said of Gideon during her interview with Politico, "She will say or do anything to try to win. This race is based on a falsehood - and tries to convince the people of Maine that somehow I am no more." who am. " same person. "
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The Maine Senator slammed Gideon during the interview for "defaming my reputation and attacking my integrity," pointing out that Gideon was from Rhode Island, not Maine.
Collins told Politico, "I grew up in Caribou and lived in Bangor for 26 years. My family has been in Maine for generations. They have been in Maine for about 15 years and live in Freeport. That is a huge difference in our knowledge of the Country."
Democrats in the United States have donated to Gideon's campaign in hopes that Collins will be elected from the US Senate. As far as California and Washington state, the Democrats did not award the Kavanaugh vote to Collins - or classify the vote on two impeachment trials as "not guilty" during Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate. And Collins noted the amount of support Gideon is getting from outside Maine.
"It's very frustrating because there is so much money backing it," Collins told Politico. "And it has been for two years: non-stop negative advertising. That finally pulls you down."
Collins, who did not vote for Trump in 2016, did not endorse anyone in the 2020 presidential race. And when Politico asked her about this race, she wouldn't say whether she wanted to vote for Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden.
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"I don't think my personal preference as president is an important factor in this race," Collins told Politico. "I'm not saying the left is not trying to tie me to Donald Trump ... you are clear ... (but) my independence is the same as always."
Maeve Coyle, a Gideon spokeswoman, vehemently disagrees that Collins retained her "independence". Coyle told Politico: "Sen. Collins 'votes for 181 of Trump's far-right bailiff for the corporate tax giveaway that put Mainers' health care at risk - and their continued refusal to oppose Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump, show how Much has changed after 24 years in Washington. Her desperate, misleading attacks on Sara make it clear that she is ready to do anything to stay there. "

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