Susan Rice Explains Exactly Why Donald Trump's White House Is 'Racist To Its Core'

Former national security advisor Susan Rice released a damned assessment of Trump's White House race record on Friday, calling the government "racist to the core".
MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell asked Rice to comment on the resignation of State Department high officials, Mary Elizabeth Taylor, one of the highest-ranking African-American advisors to the White House. Taylor is said to have resigned in protest of President Donald Trump's response to the racism protests that have spread across the country since the police killed George Floyd last month.
Rice said Taylor's resignation was "better late than never."
"You know, to serve a government that has been racist to the bone in the past three and a half years, from comparing peaceful demonstrators in Charlottesville to white Supremacists who have been calling white Supremacists very good people for the past few weeks. Where the government is." Reducing Black Lives Matter movement, degrading peaceful demonstrators and basically making it clear that they prefer a confederate legacy than a modern America, it was a government whose race record is just a shame, ”continued Rice.
Rice threw Trump another blow later in the interview when she described suspected Democratic candidate Joe Biden as “someone who heals and unites the nation and removes Donald Trump and him and those who supported him in the Senate on the rubbish heap of history can bring. ”
Check out the interview above.
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