Suspect in murder of Christina Lee says too little evidence for his conviction: 'I’m not on camera touching her'

The suspect charged in the murder of Christina Yuna Lee does not believe there is enough evidence against him to arrest him.
Assamad Nash, the 25-year-old homeless suspect who was caught on security camera following Lee into her building and hiding under a bed at the scene, believes he can't be detained because there's no video showing him he kills Lee.
"First of all they have to have me on camera to kill them, I don't touch them on camera at all," Nash said in a 30-minute Rikers Island interview with the New York Post. "They just put me in front of the camera as I walked into the building, that's it. They don't have a camera showing me killing that woman."
On February 13, the 35-year-old Korean-American executive creative producer of digital music platform Splice was followed home by Nash and stabbed to death over 40 times at her Chinatown apartment.
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The suspect, who has at least seven arrests dating back to 2015, was found hiding under Lee's bed after trying to escape down the fire escape. He was charged with first-degree murder, first-degree burglary and first-degree burglary as a sexually motivated crime. He previously pleaded not guilty, claiming he tried to help Lee after another man stabbed her.
In the last interview, Nash changed his account and said: "She called me. She invited me to a party. She was throwing a party and invited me for a drink.” When asked about the murder, he said he was “too high” to remember.
"I wasn't in my right shape. It's crazy to be on this stuff," he said. “This situation happened. Then she died. And they told me I did that and all that crazy stuff, you know?
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Nash claimed to have "mental health issues," but didn't name a specific diagnosis. He said he "tried to enroll in a mental health program at the hospital" to avoid the charges against him.
"Listen, I'm a good person," Nash said. "I make a lot of music. And I have a lot of talent. You know I can sing very well. I've done a lot of good for the city of New York. i help people I've done a lot of good things, you know?"
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