Suspected Proud Boys Yelling Slurs At California LGBTQ Bar Get Pepper-Sprayed

A dramatic video showed a handful of suspected Proud Boys being pepper sprayed in their faces as they shouted insults outside an LGBTQ bar in California.
The bar was hosting a drag show on Thursday when about 10 people showed up to yell about "paedophiles" and harass bartenders and patrons at the door. One asked, "How many kids are in there?"
The alleged Proud Boys were spat in the face with pepper spray. Some police officers standing nearby also appeared to be affected by the spray. Police said Thursday they had not identified the source of the pepper spray.
A larger version of the event at Mojo's Lounge and Bar in Woodland, California was canceled after threats against the venue and performers were posted on social media. But after a surge of support from the community, organizers decided they would still host a scaled-down version, Sacramento-based KCRA News reported.
At that moment, the suspected Proud Boys emerged, some of whom wore headscarves to hide their faces.
"It was so nice to see people so happy - and then when they saw the complete opposite, people were scared. People were angry. People were really upset," Christy Hayes, owner of the bar, told KCRA. "That's not what we wanted."
"There was an altercation," Woodland Deputy Police Chief Anthony Cucchi said at the scene. “People were here, upset that the bar was having their Pride event. We tried to intervene as quickly as possible. It was quite a chaotic scene.”
Videos posted on social media showed no action by the police.
Cucchi said an investigation is ongoing and police are trying to determine if the suspected Proud Boys traveled from out of town to harass the bar and patrons.
Right-wing extremists, including the Proud Boys, have increasingly targeted LGBTQ people in recent weeks.
A group of Proud Boys screaming "pedophiles" turned up in Frisco, Texas last month to celebrate the first-ever community event to mark Pride Month. But they were blocked by a "human shield" from Pride supporters.
Earlier last month, 10 Proud Boys disrupted a drag queen class at the San Lorenzo Public Library in California. One wore a T-shirt that read "Kill your local pedophile". The Almeda Sheriff's Department has launched a hate crime investigation into the confrontation.
Proud Boys also raided a public library last month to disrupt a Pride event celebrating "all families" in Wilmington, North Carolina. And 31 white supremacists were arrested before a Pride event in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, last month.
Earlier this week, New Zealand declared the Proud Boys a terrorist organization. Canada labeled the group a "terrorist entity" just over a year ago.
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.
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