Suspected Shooter of 6-Year-Old Boy Back in Custody, New Bond Set to $100K

Ryan Le-Nguyen, the alleged gunman of Coby Daniel, 6, is on a new $ 100,000 bond on Nov.

The New Loan: Le-Nguyen was originally released on June 8 for a $ 10,000 loan after prosecutors originally requested a $ 100,000 cash loan. The public prosecutor immediately filed an urgent application to increase the bail.
On June 10, another Washtenaw County judge heard the case and said the additional facts, not originally presented in the indictment, were "quite worrying," according to a video from Fox 2 Detroit.
Judge Anna M. Frushour ordered Le-Nguyen to surrender through his attorneys, put new bail and ordered that he wear a GPS tether when released on bail. The deposit must be paid in full and paid by someone recognized by the court.
Washtenaw prosecutor Eli Savit revealed in a video posted on Facebook that prosecutors are making recommendations on loan terms, but the court will make the final decision. They had "recommended significantly stricter conditions that would have made it more difficult for the defendant to be released," he says.
Arnold Daniel, Coby's father, said he would have been "ignored" had he not "called the news people" and fought to get Le-Nguyen back into custody. He demands that Le-Nguyen be held accountable.

Why the bond was valued low: In response to Savit's Facebook video, one user wondered why the judge said, "Nobody was there to discuss the high bond."
Savit responded that prosecutors are generally not "staffed to send people to prosecute. This has historically resulted in prosecutors not making recommendations about bonds at all, which I believe is inappropriate."
He added that improvements could be made so that they could be represented in serious cases in legal proceedings and that he would find out how the system could be improved.
In a YouTube video of the original indictment, Magistrate Elisa V. Fink came to the decision that it was important to bond in order to "emphasize the seriousness of Mr. Le-Nguyen, but also because it was at least an extremely bad one" Made a choice that includes a firearm "which, she says," is always a concern of the court ".
Fink stated that a bond has two parts: whether the defendant poses a threat to the community and a risk of escape.
She said that Le-Nguyen posed no escape risk but that the "only real problem" was his "alleged behavior in this situation, which appears to be a dangerous and ill-considered option". She went on to say that the facts presented to her "indicated potential danger" because he "chose to behave in ways that were actually dangerous" even when he did not want anything to go wrong.

Featured Image via Magistrate Elisha Fink Live Stream (left), Fox 2 Detroit (right)
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