T-Mobile is experiencing a 'voice and data issue' that's causing widespread outages for customers around the US

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T-Mobile customers in the United States had failures on Monday afternoon.
The service tracker Down Detector reported 93,000 T-Mobile failures from 3:09 p.m. ET. Phone users also reported problems with their mobile service on social media.
T-Mobile said its engineers were "working to solve a voice and data problem."
While issues with other airlines, including AT&T and Verizon, have been reported, both airlines have reported that their service is operating normally.
A call to a network operator that experiences failures may display an error message that causes problems with unaffected network operators, a Verizon spokesman said.
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T-Mobile and other mobile operators in the US had problems on Monday afternoon.
"Our engineers are working to solve a voice and data problem that affects customers across the country," said Neville Ray, technology president of T-Mobile, in a tweet. "We apologize for the inconvenience and hope it will be resolved shortly."
The service tracker Down Detector reported T-Mobile outages in New York, Florida, Texas, Georgia, California and the Washington, DC region. From 3:09 p.m. ET On Monday, Down Detector received over 93,000 reports of T-Mobile failures and various reports from other network operators. Telephone owners in the United States also reported problems with their cellular service, particularly T-Mobile, on social media on Monday afternoon.
While both Down Detector and customers reported on social media that the AT&T and Verizon services were unavailable, an AT&T spokesman told Business Insider that his network was “functioning normally”. A Verizon spokesman told Business Insider that the airline is "operating at normal service levels" and that calls to and from this airline may receive an error message because "another national airline" is having problems, which could lead to reports of problems.
T-Mobile failures on Monday afternoon.
Down detector
Down Detector also reported that US Cellular and Sprint had issues, but none of the companies immediately returned a request for comment.
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