Taco Bell customers dumbfounded by employee’s food prep video: ‘Some things are better left unseen’

A Taco Bell employee goes viral on TikTok after sharing the process behind one of the chain's best-known ingredients.
The fast food worker, known on social media as homerolara0, released the behind-the-scenes clip on June 7, which has been viewed more than 3.2 million times since then. The TikToker shows how Taco Bell prepares its chilled beans.
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Homerolara0's clip (with explicit music) begins by opening a white, sealed package that contains pieces of beans that look almost like macaroni noodles. Then he boils water and boils the beans in a metal container.
Many TikTok users were shocked by the process. Some compared the dried beans to insects or cat food.
"That's why I don't eat fast food," wrote one user.
Some things are better left invisible, ”added another.
"No way ... no, I can't believe it ... can't I," added another.
Some TikTok users who said they previously worked at Taco Bell or other fast food chains got involved, claiming that many restaurants use similar dried ingredients. Several commentators wrote that they were not at all surprised by the process.
"You have trouble going to Taco Bell to buy freshly made food," wrote one user.
"If people don't realize that most restaurants work that way," said another.
In the meantime, other users completely ignored the revelation and wrote that they enjoyed Taco Bell's beans no matter how they were made.
"No matter how you do your things, Taco Bell will always be fire," wrote one commentator.
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