Tamar Braxton breaks down in tears discussing attempted suicide: 'I didn’t recognize myself anymore'

Tamar Braxton spoke about her mental health problems - and it was a multi-tissue conversation.
The singer appeared on Facebook Watch on Peace of Mind With Taraji Monday to talk about her July suicide attempt and the work she does every day to improve her path.
“I know everyone thinks Tamar is like 'messy' and 'drama', but guess what? Let me tell you that I am the truth.” The Braxton Family Values ​​and Tamar Braxton: Get it Her Life! The 43-year-old star told Taraji P. Henson and her co-host Tracie Jade, "But you don't know you're toxic until you're no longer toxic."
She found out when she first realized she wasn't feeling "normal" and attributed it to her messy departure from The Real in 2016. She said she went to her bedroom, didn't shower, didn't eat, didn't know the day or time - "and you don't care," she said.
Tamar Braxton says she has had daily therapy sessions since she was hospitalized in July. (Screenshot: Peace of Mind with Taraji / Facebook Watch)
Braxton was able to withdraw, but was just returning to "the same toxic lifestyle" after not addressing her underlying problems.
"I barely slipped by day to day," said Braxton. “I only felt suffocated because there was no escape. I just saw no other way out. "
On her list of problems, she said she was "estranged from my sisters," referring to Toni, Traci, Towanda and Trina, as well as her mother Evelyn, with whom she had all worked. When things peaked in July, she said her relationship with her then-fiancé David Adefeso was "out of control". Even her relationship with her 7-year-old son Logan and ex-husband Vincent Herbert stalled, describing it as "surface". She said, "Yes, I made him something to eat, but I didn't know if he liked it." In addition, she gained 50 pounds.
"I didn't recognize myself anymore," she said.
Braxton burst into tears and said it was Logan who was behind her "decision". Referring to her suicide attempt, she said, “I just felt like he deserved it better. I felt like I was embarrassing him. Being the fool on TV ... I didn't want him to be ashamed in front of his friends, "and she felt he would be better without her.
Henson and Braxton embraced after their emotional admission and discussed how Braxton, sharing their difficult journey, would help so many people.
(Screenshot: Peace of Mind with Taraji / Facebook Watch)
Braxton said of their struggle: "Meeting yourself is sometimes more difficult than facing the world." And she talked about growing up in a family that didn't talk about mental health or encourage therapy.
“No, we are black. We don't talk about anything. We are only concerned with that. Because a therapist would mean something is wrong with me, ”she said. She noted that this was a generation thing as her mother projected the image of an "independent black woman" who could do anything or get over anything instead of showing her feelings or talking about her problems.
Braxton said she goes to therapy every day now "because I didn't find out," she admitted, but she is doing everything possible to try. She called the therapy "the best thing I've ever done."
She also spoke of being a much better and more present parent to Logan, saying, "I'm a real mom now". She also talked about having "lots of conversations" with him every day, looking at the positive and negative aspects they face in their lives in order to improve themselves and their lives and reflect on the lessons learned.
Peace of Mind with Taraji premiered on December 14th, and best friends Henson and Jade shed light on mental health issues - especially in the black community.
If you or someone you know has thoughts of suicide, call 911 or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or send HOME on the Crisis Text Line at 741741.
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