Tammin Sursok Says She's 'Going to Cry' as She Gives Update on Husband's Struggles with COVID-19

Tammin Sursok / Instagram Tammin Sursok
Tammin Sursok reports on her husband Sean McEwen's experience with the novel coronavirus.
On Sunday evening, 37-year-old actress Pretty Little Liars revealed that McEwan's "temperature is back to normal for the first time in 16 days" and wrote on her Instagram stories, "I'm going to cry!"
"I know it can spike, but it hasn't been normal in so long," she continued, explaining that the filmmaker's temperature has been "101-103 on and off" for 16 days.
"At the moment we have extreme exhaustion and lethargy, but your prayers are working," she wrote to the fans and thanked the followers for their support. "Some of you have asked when we can see him. He has to be free of fever for 72 hours before we can contact him."
Tammin Sursok / Instagram
Tammin Sursok / Instagram
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In another update released Monday, Sursok said McEwan's temperature "rose slightly" and he still has "crushing fatigue", but she remains positive about his recovery.
"A doctor says he's going into the post-viral portion of COVID so he's really exhausted," she shared in an accompanying video. "I mean, he sleeps most of the day. He wakes up to eat a bit and then goes back to bed."
The star, who shares daughters Phoenix, 6, and Lennon, 2 with McEwen, went on to talk about the long-lasting effects of COVID-19, noting that it was "crazy" as it is not often addressed.
"Sure, some people get sick for 10 days. Some people have no symptoms. And then there are others, like my husband - who is fit and young, has no pre-existing illnesses and has no immune problems - who is really affected by it" she said. "You just don't know."
Tammin Sursok / Instagram
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Despite uncertainty about how "this post-viral part will last," Sursok said she believes her husband is "on the good side of COVID".
Thanking fans for their continued support, the actress added that she and her daughters recently completed a 15-day home quarantine.
"We have now tested negative three times, which is wild because we were close to him until his symptoms," she told the supporters. "Thank you very much, I love you."
Sursok first spoke about her husband's COVID-19 diagnosis last week and shared an emotional video on how difficult it had been to seek medical help for McEwan given the continued rise in cases in the United States.
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"It was just a really scary time," she said tearfully in her Instagram stories. "I can't have all of you here and lie to you and pretend everything is fine when it isn't."
"COVID is real. It's scary. And I know that some people just have a cold or feel like they just have a cold or flu, but others don't. And my husband is really fit and healthy and all the hospitals are full. "
As of Monday, there had been more than 23,983,600 COVID-19 cases in the US, with the country rapidly approaching 400,000 coronavirus-related deaths, according to a New York Times database.
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