Tana Mongeau Matched Her Tie-Dye Bra to Her Sweatpants And It's a Whole Look

Photo credit: Instagram
From seventeen
After a short trip to Las Vegas and a new round of butt fillers (it's a long story), vlogger Tana Mongeau is back to release her regularly scheduled content. That means a lot of hot outfits are coming to your phone screen.
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In its latest look, YouTuber really leaned on the favorite trend of 2020. Tana matched her batik sports bra to her batik sweatpants like a real influencer. It's a comfortable, cute outfit, perfect for anyone who wants to recover from butt injections but still want to look like a damn smock show.
Photo credit: Instagram
No one literally asked, but this look could be my new favorite Tana ensemble - yes, even over the snakeskin bikini and bustier she wore for Easter. It looks comfortable, it looks cool and thanks to this icy watch it looks rich as fuck (which it is, by the way).
Tana, sweetie, you really did it.
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