Tana Mongeau says she won't move into David Dobrik's $3.5 million home because it's too small, riddled with cockroaches, and has 'rats the size of chihuahuas'

Tana Mongeau hit the headlines with her announcement that she had bought David Dobrik's old house. Tana Mongeau for insiders
Tana Mongeau planned to buy David Dobrik's old $ 3.5 million home in Studio City, Los Angeles.
But on her new podcast, "Canceled," Mongeau said she's chasing a bigger house.
Not only was Dobrik's house too small, Mongeau said it had cockroaches and other pests.
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David Dobrik's "starter home" comes with rodents and bugs, Tana Mongeau said at the premiere of her new podcast. Despite her social media announcements, the 5.5 million subscriber YouTuber said she actually won't live in the allegedly $ 3.5 million Studio City house that previously belonged to Dobrik - in part because the closet isn't big is enough.
Mongeau's new podcast "Canceled" debuted in its first episode on Monday. According to Mongeau's co-hosts, her friends Hunter Moreno and Brooke Schofield, Mongeau hadn't toured Dobrik's old house before announcing on July 5 that she'd bought it, despite having previously visited the Los Angeles location to be with Dobriks Turning Vlog Squad. The content collective broke up earlier this year after insiders published rape allegations against former member "Durte Dom" Zeglaitis.
Mongeau's announcement that she had bought the house was premature as she said on "Canceled" that she had not officially bought the house yet.
Dobrik has since returned to YouTube in the wake of the "Durte Dom" scandal and appeared on TikToks with Mongeau, who called him her "landlord" after she originally planned to move into his old house.
But on "Canceled," Mongeau said that Dobrik told her when she moved in that the hillside house needed $ 400,000 on stilts to keep it from collapsing during an earthquake. Mongeau and Moreno also said fans who recognized the location showed up on their back patio.
In addition to unwanted human guests, Mongeau said Dobrik's property has a pest problem.
"David neglected to mention the entire zoo that comes with the house," said Mongeau. "The ground squirrels, the moles, the rats the size of chihuahuas, cockroaches, millipedes."
A Dobrik representative did not immediately respond to a query from Insider regarding the item.
Mongeau and her podcast episode co-host Hunter Moreno and Brooke Schofield. Tana Mongeau for insiders
Mongeau also said she could still process the purchase and use the house as an "investment property" or rent it to other tenants. "I mean, my storage room is literally bigger than the house," she said.
Instead of Dobrik's former home, Mongeau said she was now looking for a happy home that would have more space and a sponsorship deal.
Produced by her new manager David Weintraub's company DWE Talent and The Paragon Collective, Mongeau's linchpin comes to podcasting 5 months after she released her last YouTube video.
During the episode, Mongeau also apologized to Khloe Kardashian for tweeting that Tristan Thompson, the father of Kardashian's daughter True, attended Mongeau's birthday party on Father's Day. At the time, Kardashian himself liked a tweet accusing Mongeau of "attention-seeking at its finest".
Mongeau and her co-hosts also used the first "Canceled" episode to address the child endangerment charges of former Drake and Josh star Drake Bell, as well as other allegations of sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry.
The first episode of "Canceled" is an hour long and the next episode debuts next week with guest Trisha Paytas.
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