Tana Mongeau Wore a Snakeskin Bikini Top As a Shirt for A Trip to Las Vegas

From seventeen
The California lock was officially lifted and Tana Mongeau and her entire crew fled the state on a wild trip to Las Vegas. It's a CHOICE considering that corona virus is still a thing, but it's right for everyone, I think.
The YouTubers flooded Instagram Stories with photo evidence of their trip to Sin City. While she was there, she made another bold decision: she appeared in the casinos and only wore a tiny snake-leather bikini top. Vegas, baby!
Photo credit: Instagram
If the endless selfies and videos are an indicator, Tana really felt. She designed her bikini in Vegas style and added mom jeans and XXL pearl tires.
During the quarantine, Tana made safety precautions feel as sexy as her normal outfits. She rocked rubber gloves with a thong, a face mask with a bikini and cozy sweats that showed hella underboob. This time she threw all of these precautions into the wind. Let's just hope that she washed her hands for 20 seconds before leaving the bathroom.
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