Tanker truck explodes into a ball of fire on Chinese highway, killing 19 people

Nearby cars and buildings were destroyed by the explosion - TR / AFP
Nineteen people were killed and more than 170 injured when a tank truck detonated on a highway in eastern China.
The blast of the Saturday afternoon explosion caused the nearby houses and factories to collapse and huge black clouds of smoke to rise in the air as flames engulfed several cars.
Dramatic video footage of the accident in eastern Zhejiang province showed a fireball that shot up in the air as people screamed.
In a clip, a large piece of debris is blown up before hitting nearby buildings.
Another video showed the remains of the tanker and several truck tires that had been smashed into a building in ruins.
Local authorities said the truck was loaded with liquefied petroleum gas.
State news agency Xinhua reported on Sunday that there was a second explosion when the truck fell on a workshop near the expressway after the first explosion. Rescue workers were still conducting search and rescue operations, he added.
Fatal traffic accidents are common in China, where traffic rules are often violated or not enforced.
Last year, at least 36 people died in East China and 36 others were injured when a packed flat tire bus collided with a truck.

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