Taxes 2022: IRS says this year 'taxpayers are getting our message'

According to the IRS, an estimated 160 million tax returns will be filed this year, and so far the tax season has been smooth.
The tax authority processed 6.6% more tax returns compared to the previous year, although so far it has received 2.1% fewer tax returns from taxpayers.
And according to Ken Corbin, Commissioner for Payroll and Investments and Chief Taxpayer Experience Officer for the IRS, the IRS is on track to improve the taxpayer experience for tax year 2023.
"So far this year we've received over 91 million individual returns and processed 89 million returns," Corbin told Yahoo Finance Live. “The great thing is that we're seeing more taxpayers getting our message. We've seen an electronic submission rate of around 96%, which is outstanding."
The Internal Revenue Service has been working hard to deliver a successful 2022 tax season. The tax authority has urged taxpayers to file electronically to avoid paper delays. All paper returns submitted will be processed on a first in, first out basis. (Image credit: Getty Images)
Processed Returns
The IRS is still dealing with an unprecedented paper backlog of millions of unprocessed returns -- some from the last year.
As of March 31, the IRS had 2.7 million unprocessed individual tax returns from 2021 and 2.3 million unprocessed returns from calendar year 2022. Under normal circumstances, the IRS has a backlog of 1 million unprocessed returns entering a filing season.
To reduce the likelihood of further delays, the IRS urged taxpayers to file their returns electronically this year. The agency has also doubled down on its hiring and reallocation efforts to deal with the stack of unprocessed paper returns.
The IRS also redesigned its online website to be more user-friendly so taxpayers can easily navigate and find information. The tax authority also added a new individual account that allows taxpayers to track their personal information and tax status.
"The pandemic has really given us an opportunity to sit back and reflect on taxpayers' journeys as they interact with the IRS," Corbin said. "It's an opportunity to innovate but also create consistency in how we manage taxes... We've introduced new technologies like voice and chat bots on our phone as well as And we've introduced taxpayer experience days where taxpayers can come to our offices and talk to us [at the weekends].”
Tax preparer Robert Romero (R) helps a client prepare his income tax at the Liberty Tax Service in San Francisco, California. Tax advisors are helping taxpayers with last-minute state and federal income tax filing before the April 18 deadline. (Image credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images)
File electronically
If you have yet to file your tax return this season and want to avoid significant delays in your refund, consider filing electronically.
National Taxpayer Attorney Erin Collins recently told Yahoo Money that filing a paper return could delay your tax processing by 10 months or more. This can be a real setback when you're waiting for a refund or the remaining part - if not the full amount - of your child tax credit.
"Number one, file electronically and use direct deposit -- there are many options, including our free IRS filer," Corbin said.
People who received a CTC cash advance or collected unemployment last year were encouraged to use the personal account to verify how much they received in aid before filing so their tax returns don't have to be filled out for a manual Review is being withheld, the IRS said.
Dora Galvan (left/seated) has her taxes prepared at the Southern California Tax Assistance Program's Inglewood location with the assistance of Elnora Rayland (center), who works for Broad Spectrum, and Brian Harlan (right), a sophomore law student at the one is a VITA volunteer. (Source: Gary Friedman, Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
Leverage IRS resources
The IRS has implemented a variety of programs to help individuals file their taxes for free.
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