Teacher calls out parents over son’s worrisome in-class behavior: ‘You need to take control’

A mother was called after she blamed Teacher for her son's poor grades.
She went on Reddit's "Am I The A ******" forum to see if she was wrong in reporting a teacher to the headmaster. But Reddit users thought the mom was doing things terribly when the teacher told her she was actually responsible for her son's poor performance in school.
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"My son is in fifth grade and is attending online school," the mother explained. "I catch him with the computer muted and a video game all the time. I do what I can, but ultimately this is the teacher's fault." My son has ADHD and anxiety so he needs constant stimulation to stay focused and this teacher is clearly not engaged enough. In my opinion, the teacher is not old enough to take responsibility for teaching. She looks like she's in her 20s. […] She asked me if I would like to take the time to work out a plan, to which I replied that she should do her job and work out a plan herself. "
The mother emailed the teacher about the problem but was offended by the teacher's response.
“I had a very rude reply from her which was, 'I reached out to you with solutions and you refused to work together. You need to take control of your own home and put an end to this behavior because there is only so much I can do. “She judged my abilities as a parent when she is clearly not a parent herself. [...] I wrote an e-mail to the headmaster and explained what had happened, ”said the mother.
Reddit users believed the mother was wrong here.
"You can't even control your child in your house, but you expect this teacher to control your child from the other side of a computer screen," wrote one person.
"You sound justified and condescending," said another.
"You are the parent, it is your responsibility," someone commented.
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