Team USA's face masks are getting a gold medal in freaking people out

The masks worn by Team USA athletes at the Tokyo Olympics prove to be the fans' "curse".
People on Twitter couldn't help but notice that the masks the athletes wear look eerily similar to the facial apparatus of Batman's enemy Bane.
“I have a feeling that the USA masks at the #Olympiads kind of look like a Bane mask,” wrote one person along a GIF of the character and said, “Nobody cared who I was until I put the mask on have."
Other people shared photos of the athletes in their masks.
"Team USA's masks for the podium look like the medalists are closing Gotham's bridges and allying themselves with the darkness," someone wrote, referring to "Batman".
"I really enjoy the swimming events at # Tokyo2020 #Olympics so far, but I have to say, # TeamUSA face masks scare me," wrote someone else.
Other people thought the masks had a touch of another famous character that relaxed moviegoers: Hannibal Lecter.
"What about the Bane / Hannibal Lecter masks that Americans wear on the medal racks?" Wrote another person. “You are huge! (…I want one.)"
"Why do the American masks look like they could be worn on Hannibal Lecter?" one person pointed out.
"Getting real Hannibal Lecter vibes with the US Olympic masks," wrote someone else.
Nike has provided the masks for Team USA athletes to wear at all Olympic venues - indoors and outdoors - in Tokyo, including medal ceremonies, the International Olympic Committee said on Sunday, according to Reuters. However, you can take them off to take photos.
Gold medalist Anastasija Zolotic from the USA poses at a women's award ceremony (Valery Sharifulin / TASS / Getty Images)
Gold medalist Lee Kiefer from the USA poses at an award ceremony for the women's foil fencing (Sergei Bobylev / TASS / Getty Images)
Team USA enters the arena wearing face masks on day two of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics at the Ariake Gymnastics Center (Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images)
"It's not nice to have it. It's a must," IOC spokesman Mark Adams said of masks.
"No, there is no relaxation and we would urge and ask everyone to obey the rules," said Adams. "It's important for the sport, for everyone involved and for our Japanese friends, and it would send a strong message."

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